TOXIC … (18+) … Part 71




He stops the car the same house that I had been almost a month ago now and I breathe out before waiting for him to come out of the car.

“I wanted to open the door for him. Why did you got off so easily? ”
He raises his brows and I chuckle before shaking my head.

“I could always go back into the car. ”
I cock my brows and begin to walk back but his arms grip tightly around my wrist and I turn to him, smiling at me.
He shakes his head and I look down at his hand which is still wrapped around my wrist.

He follows my eyes avd quickly let go of me as we both clear our throats.
God, this is so awkward.

“Um, let’s go in. ”
He smiles and I nod, before proceeding to walk inside as well with Nick beside me.

We enter the large mansion and once again, I’m amused at the beauty of the place.
All decorations has been cheated from it so now I’m able to see its natural beauty and I must say that it’s really looking so beautiful.
The stairs and everything.
I’m not really good at describing but I know it’s beautiful and really large.

Many maids walk by us, each and every one of them bowing when I just merely follow behind Nick since I know absolutely nothing about this place.

He leads us to a room and that’s when I realized that it’s the dinning room.
It’s really large and there’s a mini living room around it even.
I smile before my eyes catch the couple that’s sitting around the dining table and we walk over to them while I gulp in, I’m getting nervous now.
It’s the second time that I will be in this house avd the second time that I will be meeting Nick’s parents.
I don’t even want to begin explaining how I feel about that.

“Mother I’m here and I brought the woman you are so desperate to see. ”
Nice rolls her eyes and I chuckle before bowing to the couple.

“Good Afternnon ma’am and Sir. It’s good to meet you.. Well again. ”
I smile and the couple both chuckle.
They are really a great couple and they make a great team.
They look both loving and defintely perfect fit each other.
I don’t know why Ryder and Nick both can’t seem the see that.

“I’m glad that you were able to make it by dear, Nick was been a crackhead about you not been able to make it. Anyways sit down dear. ”
She says and I smile before sitting on the chair that Nick has pulled out for me.
I smile at him and sit properly across the woman while Nick sits two seats away from me.
I don’t know why he did that though, he probably don’t want to seem too close and I couldn’t help but to chuckle about the thought.

“Is something funny? ”
Nick bends across the empty seat to whisper to my ear and his voice sends a shiver down my some.
I ignore the way my body reacted to him and shake my head.

“No, nothing. I was just thinking about something. ”
I smile and he nods before I stare at the maids who drops the meals on the table while I stare at the whole food, my mouth watering.

I grab a glass of water and sip a drink, the same time Nick’s mother says.

“You both look like a good pair for each other. Are you together? ”
And I choke on my drink immediately.


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