TOXIC … (18+) … Part 70




I gulp in and smile nervously before walking over to him and he’s still staring at me his eyes going to up and down my body that I actually feel hot.
Okay, maybe I had overdressed for this occasion but the gown isn’t that formal.. It’s just a gowm that stop a little above my knee and it’s plain.
Not designed with anything at all except for patterns across the entire body.
Not laced with stones or anything.. Just a red plain gown.

“Wow, you look beautiful. ”
As his lips twitches into a smile, I remember how I had kissed him earlier and I can feel my stomach turning.
Oh god. What the hell is wrong with me?!
Why can’t I stop thinking about kissing Nick when I’m in love with Ryder.
Am I really in love with Ryder?
I shake my head.
What the hell am I talking about right now?!
Of course I in love with Ryder.

Are you sure about that?
My subconscious butts in and I shake my head before turning to Nick who’s still staring at me.
He smiles at me before looking down at me.

“Thank you. You’re not looking bad either ”
He smiles at me and his opens the door for me to walk in and get inside the car.
I lied. He’s looking more than good.
He’s really looking really hot but there’s no way in hell I’m telling him that.

“My mother would really be grateful that you accepted this.. I’m sorry that you had to went through this but my mother can really be… ”
He stops and stars ahead as if he’s thinking abut what he right word for her.

“Well she can be dramatic sometimes. ”
He says and I laugh before shaking my head.

“It’s nothing. I’m really honoured that she invited me. ”
He nods and stare ahead while I stare out the window.

“Have you heard from Ryder these days? ”
He asks turning to me and I turn to him before smiling.

“Yeah sure. He came to my place just yesterday. ”
I swallow the bipe down my thrust befree turning back to the window.
I don’t know why I’ve just said that. Now I’m feeling awkward about it.. I mean there’s nothing to be awkward about, this is just a dinner but why the hell do I feel so strange?
Well, maybe because I kissed him.
Oh god. I can’t believe myself.

“Um, oh. Are you guys something? ”
He quickly glances at me before turning to the road and I dig my fingernails in my thigh before taking on a full and deep breath.

“Um.. I… I.. ”
I am his girlfriend. I want to say but the words won’t just come out if my mouth.

“Don’t worry about it. I understand. ”
He smiles at me before looking ahead and I sigh before dropping my head against the window
What the hell is rirng with me?
God, I hope the rest of the evening doesn’t go like this.


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