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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 69

4 min read




I stare at myself in the mirror and smile.
It’s almost past two and Nick has already called that he would be here soon.
I’m dressed in a gown. A shirt red gown, not too classy but not too casual also.
I do my hair in a ponytail before applying only lipstick and grabbing my phone off the dressing table and stuffing in everything I need.
My phone. Some tampons also, you might never know when you would need one and I refuse to be embarrassed when it suddenly comes and I don’t know when.
It might catch me unaware and I know it’s stupid cause should probably be keeping date of it but lots of things part from keeping track of my proud has been on my mind these day.

I look at myself once again in the mirror before removing my phone from the purse and staring at the screen.
I haven’t heard from Ryder all since yesterday that he left here.
I wonder what’s happening. I don’t even have his contact to ask.
Wait! I think I should.

I scroll through the contacts and i don’t think I have his contact saved.
I sigh before going down to messages and finally I see is contact.
It’s funny that I don’t even have my own boyfriend number saved.
I chuckle and shake my head at ny own thoughts before punching in some words.

*Hey is everything alright? I haven’t seen you in…

I shake my head and clear the entire thing.
I shouldn’t text him yet.
It’s barely twenty hours, I shouldn’t be texting him yet.
I should wait for at least two days before I start getting worried, not to seem clingy and all.
I mean he must be busy which is why he isn’t coming or texting.
Now that I think bout it, I don’t even know the type of work he’s doing.
I never ask and he never talks about it.. I wonder which type of work he does.
I shake my head. No, I shouldn’t be curious about all these things yet.
We just get together for Christ sake.

My phone vibrates in my head, getting me out of my thoughts and I stare down at the caller ID. Nick.

I smipe to the receivers button and glue the phone to my ear.

*Are you ready yet? I’m already downstairs.

His voice comes in and I nod even though he can’t see me right now before sitting the phone back in the bag and walking out if the room.
Stephanie and Bianca are curled on the couch, watching movie of course.

“I’m off. ”
I say to them and they both turn back to look at me, they gaze going down my body then going up again.

“what, is anything wrong with my dress? ”
I raise my head when they just gonna continue staring at me as if I look bad.. Like really bad.

“No, not at all. I’m just checking if there’s anything wrong but there’s nothing wrong. You look beautiful. ”
Bianca says and I smile, staring at myself once again before turning my gaze up and raising my brows at Steph who rolls her eyes.

“Of course you need the advice of the professional before you can go anywhere. ”
She grins and I roll metes, shaking my head.

“but girl I won’t lie. The dress is really beautiful, I love it. I would have to buy one like that but I don’t have your hips though.
I’m sure boss will almost run crazy when he sees you. ”
She winks and I laugh, shaking my head.
I don’t know why but getting the approval of these two girls actually makes me feel confident than I did minutes ago before I came dowm.

“I have a boyfriend dummy, anyways thanks guys.. I will go now, he’s waiting outside. ”
I smile and they both nod before turning back to the TV while I make my way outside.

I open the door and step outside before closing it behind me.

Nick is leaning against his car.
Damn! He looks so hot.
He’s putting on the exact type of clothing he out on earlier.
Jean. Shirt. Jacket.

His gaze turns to me when he heard my footsteps of course and the way he’s staring at me made everything got.

Oh god. Ny cheeks are probably redder than anything right now.


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