TOXIC … (18+) … Part 67




I groan as I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me as his hands moves up and down my waist.
My brain couldn’t connect to anything.
What am I doing?
I’m kissing Nick.
I’m kissing Ryder’s stepbrother avd I’m his girlfriend.
Oh god.
This is so wrong but it feels so right.
I’m going insane.
What should I do?!
What will I do?!

His tongue slides into my mouth and he kisses the back of my throat, he pushes me to lean again the car and a moan slides through my throat as he sucks on my bottom lip.

He wraps his arms around me tighter and drop me to sit on the car while he gets in between my legs.
I groan as he grabs my lower lip in between his teeth.
I can’t believe I’m doing this right now but I can.
I want to stop but I can’t stop.

“Roxanne. ”
A voice calls and I push Nick off me immediately, jumping off the car to see Stephanie staring at the both of us.

“Um, sorry. She had a call. ”
She waves my phone on her hand and I move away from Nick instantly.
Oh god. I can’t believe that just happened!
I can’t believe i just kissed him! He kissed me! We kissed.
I feel a pang of guilt hits me as I think about Ryder.
How the hell could I have kissed his brother?!
I’m insane. That’s why.

“Um yeah, I was just leaving. Don’t forget about it miss Brown. I will come pick you up by four. ”
Close to evening? Um, okay.

“yeah. ”
I smile awkwardly not able to meet his eyes as I shift between my legs.
He gets into his car and drives off.
Immediately that happens, Stephanie walks over to me and grab my hand, pulling me inside faster than I could have ever imagined.

“what the hell Roxy! ”
She shouts and I wonder why she just did that.
I look behind me and Bianca is coming towards me. Am I missing something here?

“You said I had a call. ”
I whisper. I wish I could erase the last ten minutes from my life.

“No hell, you didn’t! I did that to stop you guys. What the hell were you thinking?! ”
She shouts and I sigh before plopping down on the bed.
So she did that to get me away from Nick and stop me from doing what I would have regretted.
I’m just glad nothing happened and Stephanie was there on time to save me from my stupid self.

“Why would you kiss him?! He’s your fucking boss! ”
She shouts and walk around the room to get to my couch.

“And more than that. You’re dating Ryder.
Okay, I know I was about having fun and all stuffs like that but that’s when yore not committed to someone.
You just cheated on Ryder. Why?! ”
She raises her voice again and that’s when I remember that they still don’t know Ryder and Nick are stepbrothers.

“I don’t know why Steph. I swear I just can’t control it, I don’t know what’s always wrong with me whenever I’m with him or I get too close to him. I don’t have any control of what I’m doing anymore. ”
I groan, facepalming myself.

“I shouldn’t have done that, you’re right. They are stepbrothers are Christ’s sake! ”
I groan and the two girls both stare at each other before turning to me with their eyes wide.

“what the?! What are you saying?! Are you saying Nick and Ryder are stepbrothers?! Oh my fucking god! ”
Bianca says with her eyes wide and I nod.

“So that’s why he was always at the office.
Wait, could they be the one you were talking about that day? The one that both wanted to take you on the same date? ”
Steph says and I nod my head.
These two have become like family to me. What’s the use in keeping anything from them?

“Wow, this is really unbelievable but why didn’t you tell us the day we asked? you said you don’t know anything about him. ”
Bianca says and I nod again.

“Yeah, I thought it wasn’t my secret to tell. ”
I shrug.

“you’re in big trouble Miss Roxanne Brown. You’re dating a younger stepbrother and you are attracted to the stepbrother of your boyfriend. ”
Stephanie smirks.


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