TOXIC … (18+) … Part 66




“Um, good morning sir. ”
Stephanie and Bianca greets at the same time and Nick smiles at the both of them before staring at me.
What is he doing here though?
I just don’t understand.

“I came to see you Roxanne. Can you please come out for a moment? ”
When he’s asking nicely like that, how can I decline?
I smile and nod before looking to the girls who are both staring at me.

I smile at them before walking out of the house together with Nick.
Well, this wasn’t definitely how I had expected my morning to go.

He leads me to his car and I suddenly realize that I’m still in the bumshort and just a slack tip that I wore earlier.
Oh god, this is so embarrassing.

I bow my head as Nick leans against his car while I stand awkwardly beside him.

“You might be quite surprised that I’m here. I could see the clear surprise on your face when I came in. ”
He says and I chuckle before nodding.. I was very surprised.
I didn’t expected to see him. Not at all.

“Yeah, I was. And I still am, how did you found out about my place? ”
I ask him and he chuckles, his dimples popping out.
Been this close to him made me remember the night at his place and I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I kissed him.
We haven’t been this close to each other ever seen then.
There were few times at work and it was always awkward.
But not like this. Alone and so close.
Suddenly, I can’t stop the thumping of my heart against my chest and the air around here has suddenly gotten thick all off a sudden.

“Yeah, you must be really surprised. Actually, I followed you home one night.
I don’t know why I did it but I did it anyways.
That’s how I found out this place and the reason I’m here is because I need something from you. A favour actually. ”
As he’s talking, all my focus are on his lips.
They are so red. So tempting.

Oh god Roxanne! Grab a hold of yourself! You’re dating his step brother! Remember!?
You can’t do that! You shouldn’t be thinking about that!

I breathe in sharply and close my eyes before shifting on my legs and opening them back.
I look at Nick and he’s staring at me. He probably thinks that I’m insane or something but I need to grab hold of myself.
I can’t do this.
I don’t know why but being this close to him, there is something about it.

“Are you okay? ”
He asks and place his hand on my bare arm, his hand cold against my skin and my body trembles immediately.
Oh god.
My breathing hitches as I stare at him and he stares at me.

I look down at his lips before quickly averting my eyes to his again then looking away from him.

Think Roxanne. You can’t do this to Ryder.
You’re dating Ryder.
Ever. It’s Ryder. It’s Ryder. It’s ryder… Kiss Nick.
Oh my god!
What the hell is wrong with me?!

I breathe out before taking a step backwards and he raises his brows at me but doesn’t say anything.

“Yeah, I’m alright. Was busy thinking about something. You said you need a favour? ”
I quickly dispose the topic before I do something we are both gonna end up regretting.

“Yeah, after the last time you came to my mother’s with me.
She has suddenly develop likeness for you and she wants me to bring you together with me when I’m going this afternoon.
Do you think you can spare time to go? ”
He asks calmly and I was about to decline flatly when I remembered he said his mother.

Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to decline that woman’s invitation.
I guess I could just go.
After all it’s the afternoon, at least not the night so everything should be fine and I’m sure Ryder would understand when I tell him that it was his mother that invited me.

Really? Would he?
My subconscious butts in and I roll my eyes at her before looking at Nick and giving him a smile.

“Yeah, okay. I guess I could go. ” I smile and his face split into a grin as he engulfs me in a hug.
I definitely didn’t see that coming.
I chuckle and wrap my arms around him before he pulls back but not too far and once again I’m close to him.
Dangerously close to him.

“You are really a good lady for this miss Brown. Thanks for this. ”
He whispers, his breath hot on my face and his eyes staring at me.
My chest is heaving up and down as my eyes wanders round his and he slowly brings his arms to my waist.

I breathe out heavily as I stare at his lips and he leans towards me before closing his lips on mine.


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