TOXIC … (18+) … Part 64




I halt right on my track as I stare at my sister who is also staring at me with a smirk plasters across her face.
What the hell is she doing here?!!
What does she wants here?

“Who are you looking for please? ”
Stephanie asks her but her eyes are focused on me.
I can’t believe she’s here. Why on earth would mother ask her to come here.
She know how much we hate each other.
Well, I don’t really hate her but I know she hates me and I dislike her also.

“I think I already found who I’m liking for here. ”
She smiles at Stephanie’s before pushing pass her and walking towards me.

“So this is where you gave been hiding your filthy ass? ”
She raises her brows and chuckles before pointing to my chest.
I should have known she would have came here to do nothing other than to taunt me.
Of course, why else would she have come here?

“Go away Sophia. ”
I groan and she chuckles before shaking her head and looking around the apartment. The same time Bianca walls into the living room.
I walk back to the counter of the kitchen and turn off the music that’s still cooking through the small device.

I turn back to look at Sophia and cross my arms against my chest.
I just don’t know what the hell she’s doing here.
What’s are looking for in here in the first place?
Why is she here? Could mother have sent her here?

“what do you want Sophia? ”
I sigh as I stare at her and asking her again while Bianca and the girl watches in.
I pray she doesn’t try saying anything stupid here for the same of both of us cause I wouldn’t hesitate to put her in her place.
The only reason I hadn’t been saying anything to her is because of mother and father nut I wouldn’t tolerate that from her anymore.

“what could I do sister? My sister was missing and I had to act like a good sister and go in search for her which is why I’m here right now.
Acting like a good older sister. ”
She smiles at me and I roll my eyes before turning to Bianca who’s raising her brows at me probably to ask who the hell she is.

“she’s your sister? ”
Stephanie asks, turning to look at Sophia who smiles at the
Yeah, I know. We are definitely nothing like each other.
She’s slim and has a whiter skin than mine with her blonde hair which she got from mother.
She’s the exactly replica of mother and I’m more like father except the hair.

“Yea. Bianca. Stephanie. meet my sister. Sophie. ”
I don’t know why I just did that but I guess I needed to or I just felt the need to.

“Wow, I didn’t know you guys are sisters. You guys are… ”
Stephanie starts saying and I try to glare at her, warning me but to say anything.
She rolls her eyes at me but she shut up nevertheless.

I laugh before turning back to school.
I don’t have any idea what it is that she’s doing here.

“Stay away from here Sophia. As you can see your clearly disturbing our peace. ”
I groan and she laughs before sitting even more comfortably on the couch.
Is she kidding me right now?

“Oh please calm down sister and stop being a pussy.
You should be grateful bitch. You think I have time for this, I would not have been coming here if mother hadn’t asked me to… ”
she gasps and stop talking suddenly and I wonder what the hell she was gonna say.

“Mother asked you to what? ”
I raise my head at her and she shrugs befre turning back to look at the TV.
I think there’s something going in here.
So mother had asked Sophie to come here? And do what exactly? Spy in me?

If mother has asked Sophie to come here then that means she’s trying to keep eye on whatever I do.
That if Sophia is lying about mother asking her to be here.
I don’t know which is the truth.

“Get away from here and don’t ever… ”
I stop talking immediately when the door opens and I except Ryder to walk through the door but instead, my mouth hangs open as I stare at who is standing by the door.

“I said it! You are fucking your boss!”


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