TOXIC … (18+) … Part 63




The bright ray from the sun shines through the window avd I groan before slowly opening my eyes.
I roll to the other side of the bed and Stephanie is sleeping next to me with her eyes closed and a net used over her hair.
I chuckle before turning to the other side and Bianca is sleeping, laying her stomach on the bed and she hugging the pillow.
I shake my head before turning upwards and staring at the ceiling.
Since it’s a Sunday, we don’t have to go to work.
I don’t know why I woke up earlier.
I had planned on sleeping through half of the day.
I haven’t been getting enough sleep these past few day.
I sigh before gently laying up so I don’t wake the others.

I groan when Stephanie rolls and entangled her legs in mine. I gently unwrap hers from mine, making sure I don’t wake her before finally successfully standing up from the bed.
I made my way towards the bathroom and I step under the shower after pulling off my clothes.
The water is warm against my skin and my nerves relaxes immediately.
I walk out of the bathroom with a towel wrap around my body before walking over to the closest.

I bring out a bum short which Bianca’s has forced me to wear together with a shirt that slides down my left shoulder.

I drop the clothes on the chair before walking to the dressing mirror.
I stand in front of the large mirror and I smile as I stare at my reflection in the mirror.
I take up the lotion and use it on my body and some other things necessary before wearing my white lace bra and black lace pant.
I put on the clothes I put out and grab my phone before walking downstairs, jogging down for stairs.

I jump into the kitchen and drop the phone on the counter before bringing out some flour. I am craving for some pancakes badly.

I grab my phone and tap on the music button.
Soon ,Tatiana’s voice is booming out of it and I nod my head as I grab the pan.

🎶 Love doesn’t go my way.

🎧 Yeah you should just stay away baby.

I hum along to the song as I prepare my coffee mug and bring out the coffee and milk together with it.
Isn’t it weird that I like eating my pancakes together with milk?
Mother has always told me that it’s weird but I don’t give a damn about it.
It’s just how I like my coffee anyways.

“Fucking hell. In this beautiful morning, who the hell start my day bad with that boring shit?! ”
Stephanie voice echoed through the entire house and I know she’s close.
I shake my head at the words are used before continuing with my job.
I don’t know but I think it’s a really good song though.
It’s one of my favourite.

“Of god Arielle. I should have known it would be no one but you. ”
I can imagine her rolling her eyes right now and I chuckle before turning back to her, true to my words she’s staring at me.
I give her a wink before turning back to my cooking.

“Who in the hell recommended this song for you? I want to see them. ”
She grabs a apple and jump down on the counter while I roll my eyes.

“No one had to recommend it for me it’s a really nice onem ”
I shrug. I’m getting the idea that my ideas of nice songs are What Stephanie would call boring.

“Oh peace, live a little girl. Don’t worry I wills lhelp you find something good. ”
The basics I’m playing drops and despite my whining and contains, Stephanie didn’t play it hack.
I sigh and continue with the pancakes.

Minutes later music booms out of the phone and I’m really surprised at where the hell the music comes from.
I don’t have that one on my phone at all.

🎶 I don’t wannabe play no games. Play no games. Fuck around, give you my last name.
I scrunch my nose together at the choice of music She has choose.
I don’t like it.

“Common, these are the best music that turns you so fucking in. You know if you’re gonna be dating a guy like Ryder, I suggest you change your preferences. ”
She laughs and I glare at her, causing her to stop immediately.

“what are you taking about? Is something wrong with me? ”
I turn back to me with spatula in hand as I hold the spatula in hand and she looks between the spatula then me.
Me then the spatula before shaking her head.
I shave my head and laugh loudly that it actually starts to hurt and just as I’m about to talk, these a knock at the door.
I nod towards Stephanie and she just shrugs before dragging up and walking over to the door.

There’s silence at the doorbell and I can’t figure out saying anything either.
I walk out of the kitchen when I stare getting curious and I stop right on my track when I stare at who is at the door.


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