TOXIC … (18+) … Part 62




i walk back inside and the girls are all staring at me, giving me some looks which says they are gonna ask lots of questions.
I roll my eyes before walking towards them, I plop down on the bed and turn to the TV.
I know they are both looking at me but I don’t wanna turn to them.
Unfortunately, I had no choice cause I was turned without my own consent and I sigh before raising my brows at the both if them.

“What? ”
I cock my brows and Stephanie gives me this look that made me almost wanna laugh but I choose to keep quiet anyways.

“Okay start talking girl. Where the hell did you got to know Ryder? ”
She raises her brows at me and I shrug before turning back to the TV.

“Let’s just watch the movie, Uh? ”
I raise my brows and Bianca shakes her head.

“No, you don’t care about the movie. You are just trying to escape which I won’t accept. Tell me how the hell you know Ryder cause we were talking about him that day and you didn’t even act like you knew him now he’s visiting you here? Are you guys Daring? Come on start talking. ”
Bianca beams and I roll my eyes before clearing my throat.
“Nothing. We just kinda met. ”
I shrug and I smile at the first time I met him.
I remember getting startled at how he looked, I mean the number of tattoos he had and all his piercings.
I thought he was gonna be one dangerously bad guy and though, I don’t know much about him yet.
I still think I know him and I’m quite surprised at myself for how far and fast I’ve quickly grew attached to him.
If anyone tells me I would like a guy like him, I would tell that person to go to hell but obviously, I like him.

“You guys met? When? Where? ”
Stephanie asks, jotting me out of my thoughts and I shrug again.

“nowhere in particular. The office, he was with Mr .. ”
I stop immediately when I realized these two don’t know yet that Ryder is Nick’s brother.. Stepbrother to be precise.

“Um, the office. I kinda bumped into him. ”
Oh god. I sulk at lying.

“Hmm .”
Stephanie growls, eyeing me and I roll my eyes at them before turning to the TV.

“By the way. I’m thinking we should watch the kissing booth. What do you guys think? ”

“Thar shitty movie? I’m not watching, I prefer reading the series than watching the movie. ”
Stefanie groans and I laugh.

“Then what do you suggest we watch then cause there’s no damn way I’m just staying here and doing nothing.
I’m fucking bored. ”
Bianca growls while I grab a chip from her bowl and she glared at me.

I laugh before walking up the stairs and into the room.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going, young lady”
Stephanie yells from downstairs and I chuckle to myself.

“I need to have my beauty sleep please! ”
I yell back before collapsing on the bed.
Today is really such a crazy and surprising day though it turns out like the best day ever.
I never even in my weirdest dreams thought that mother would ever come here not to even think that she will try to talk me into coming back home.
Well, not after she sent me out of there herself anyways.
I never thought she would even come look here for me but I’m glad she did anyways and I can’t help but to find it amusing that are she tried to control me again but I’m also glad that I stood up for myself .
For the first time in years. I feel quite accomplished, even if it’s for such silly thing.


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