TOXIC … (18+) … Part 58




I sigh before turning to mother who has been talking non stop.
She keeps talking about me in general. My dreams and my ambitions and all those other stuffs.
I would scoff each time she mentions that I’ve always dream to work in a big company like Queen’s global.
If it was left to me, I wouldn’t be in Queen’s global right now. I will probably be in a hospital trying to save lives or I would be in the garden, watching the damn flowers blossom.
But of course all thanks to my parents, I work as a personal assistant to a company.
It’s not about the fact that I don’t like it.
I like my job and I’m proud of it.
It’s all about the fact that they didn’t let me choose the dream job I’ve always desired.
I’ve always imagined myself in probably a skirt and a white shirt with a white coat and a stethoscope hung around my neck while I match to my office to the care of the sick but my parents forced me into this.
Forced me into business adminstration and I’m not regretting it but I’m definitely not making the same mistake anymore.

I won’t be forced into what I don’t like anymore.
I will live my life the way I see fit. It’s their job to guide me, not control me.

“All I’m saying is that you should come back home. ”
She finally stop and I scoff. Come back home?
When did she suddenly start missing me being at home?

“I’m not coming home mother. ”
I mutter and stand up from beside her, walking over to the mirror and buttoning up my shirt.

“And why is that? You can’t continue leeching off for friend here, it’s no proper and I’m sure she’s gonna get uncomfortable soon. ”
Really mother?

“I’m not leeching off her, we’re both contributing to living in this house and I’m getting my own apartment soon. I work now, remember? ”
I raise my brows at her and she sighs while I roll my eyes.

“Roxy, you should really come home . I know you missed everyone including your dad. ”
Do I look stupid?

“There’s no one there to miss.
There’s only Sophie who’s always gonna be taunting me so why should I miss her anyways? And father talks to me on phone, I also go to his office sometimes and we both know I definitely can’t miss you so there’s nothing for me there mother. Not anymore. ”
I shake my head and she sighs before standing up and walking towards me.

“So you’re saying you’re disowning your own family and you don’t want to have anything to do with your family anymore?”
She raises her brows and I shake my head.

“I didn’t say I don’t want to have anything to do with my family anymore mother.
I’m saying its time for me to be living on my own and I’m not going back there. ”
I sigh and she nods before staring at me.

“I wish you good luck in whichever path you chose daughter and I hope you trust me to give to advice whenever you need help from me.
I will be living now, I shall come visit some other time and maybe perhaps with your sister and father.

I almost tell her not to bring Sophie here but instead I just decide against it and shut my mouth, nodding at her.

“Goodbye mother. ”
I say and she smiles at me before walking out of the room while I breathe out and plop down on the bed.
I never thought it was gonna be that easy but maybe it’s because I always bend to their rules and commends before, that’s why they treat me like I’m some machine to be controlled.

Not altogether though. Not now. Not never.


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