TOXIC … (18+) … Part 57




I sigh as I drop the jacket on the couch and bring out my ringing phone. Mother.
I swipe to the receiver button and glue the phone to my ear before walking over to the bar.

“Mother, why are you calling me again? We just got off the phone hours ago. ”
I groan as I pour myself a glass of wine.

“We didn’t get off the phone Nick. You hang up on me. ”
She whines on the phone and I roll my eyes before taking a quick sip from the wine.

“Because you were annoying me and I didn’t want to say something rude.”
I mutter and she sighs.

“There’s nothing annoying about me telling you to find yourself a wife Nick.
You’re not getting younger. You’re almost thirty and all you ever do is work. Work and work.
Don’t you get tired? I want to see my grandchildren Nick. Get a wife! ”
She snaps on the phone and I scratch my eyebrows.
Here she goes again about this wife shit.

I’m not ready to get married.
It’s more fun when you don’t get committed, when you can get any girl you want whenever you like without having to feel guilty about cheating someone.

I love it more that way but of course, mother wouldn’t understand.

“Mother, I already told you so many times.
I haven’t seen a lady that interests me. When I find one, I will date, propose. We will get married, fuck each other and you can have your grandchildren. ”
I groan, already bored with all these marriage and children shit.

“Then how about that Roxanne girl you brought to the party that day? ”
She says and I spit out the drink into the cup.
Is she shitting me right now?

“Mom! Roxanne is my personal assistant. ”
I nearly shout and I can feel her roll her eyes at me right now.

“So? Does been your personal assistant means you can’t marry her? ”
She questions and I wipe my forehead with my pain.
She can be so damn frustrating.

“I’m not interested in her. ”

“But you like her, right? I’ve seen the way you looked at her that day and I know to care about her. ”
She says slowly and I can’t deny that.
Yes, I care about Roxanne.
Probably because she’s the only girl that refused me even when she had the opportunity freely.

It’s quite surprising to me and at the same time. I’m amused.
I love her character but I don’t know if I love her.

What am I talking about? Am I seriously letting mother trap me into this?

“You want her, right? ”
She says, jotting me out of my thoughts and I grab the bottle of whiskey instead of wine.
I gulp down the drink and let it burn down my throat.

“She’s Ryder’s. ”
I mutter. I know Ryder likes or loves her. Whatever it is he feels for her.
But I know there’s something and I won’t be the one to steal my stepbrother girl.

“Are they married? ”
Oh god. I feel like cursing at her right now.

“Mother! It’s no on Roxane, okay? Just go back to your husband and stop disturbing my peace.
I need to get to sleep. ”
I groan before hanging up on her and dropping the phone on the counter.

Talking about Roxanne made me remember that night of the kiss.
She was so drunk and so fun.
I almost had my way with her cause she was so tempting but I had to control myself.

Fuck me.
Why am I thinking about her now?
Let’s not forget Nick. Stepbrother girl!


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