TOXIC … (18+) … Part 56



I bite down on my lips and face down, staring at me feet.
I can’t believe mother just caught me… Well, I don’t really regret that she caught me but I’m surprised about why she’s here.

She looks at Ryder again before sighing and turning to me while I bite down on my lower lip again.

“Mother… ”
I mutter, surprise laced in my voice and just like another shock, she smiles at me.
I definitely didn’t except that. Did she just… Did she just smiled at me?

“What are you doing here mother? ”
I ask and she sighs befre coming in fully, Bianca behind her.
Bianca raises her brows at me and I just shake my head before turning back to mother who’s now staring at Ryder.

“Who’s he Roxanne? ”
She asks and I gulp in.
Who is Ryder to me again?

“He.. He’s my… ”

“I’m her boyfriend. ”
Ryder says, obviously surprising everything in the room; me included.

I gulp in and look towards at mother excepting all minds of insults from her but to my surprise she didn’t say anything. She just exhales.

“Well, her boyfriend can you excuse me? I need to talk to my daughter. ”
Mother says and Ryder looks down at me.

I nod at him and he walks out of the room together with Bianca while mother turns to me and I sigh before walking to sit on the bed.

“Is this how you’ve been living your life ever seen you left home? ”
She raises her brows at me and I scoff.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Living as how? ”

“Going out with guys that only wants you for your body and doing all sort of nonsense with him when you should be planning your life.
Have you really become this wayward. ”
Of course she will.
There’s no way she couldn’t have pass one of her damn lectures that I don’t even need.

“I won’t let you come here to insult me mother.
I’m not I’m your house and I can as well chase you out of here if I please. ”
I growl and she sighs before nodding slowly while I look away and stare at the blank wall.

“I didn’t come here to fight with you. I came here to talk. ”
She says and I couldn’t help but to roll my eyes.
Of course you do.

“I can see that very well. ”
I reply sarcastically and she sighs.

“Why are you not home yet Roxanne? ”
She says and I turn to her before scoffing.

“Shall I remind you mother? Well, let’s see. You chased me out of your house because you choose to believe that I’m sleeping with my boss and you had Sophie tell me not to come home the following day?
Let’s not forget bout last week I came there and you chased me out.
Do you want me to count on mother cause I sure as hell will! ”
I snap and she sighs again. Obviously loss of words.

Yea, she should. She doesn’t have anything against me and I’m the first time in my entire life, I feel the roles shift.
I’m no longer in my mother’s mercy.
I’m no longer the one that should be talked at. Lectured about how she should use her life.

For the first time, I feel like I have the upper hand.


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