TOXIC … (18+) … Part 51




Why should I cry? I shouldn’t but it hurts me so much.. Badly, more than it should that he just dropped me off and went his way after what happened between the both of us.
Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to him then.
I’m the only one who cares about what happened.
I’m the only one that the moment feels special for.
It’s probably nothing to him.
I’m sure he has done lots of that to many girls and there’s nothing special about it right now.
He couldn’t even say we would see soon or anything. He just drove off like that.
I feel used. Maybe I shouldn’t.
I have been so stupid to have done that.

I shake my head before moving towards the door.
I should seriously stop overthinking things.
I knock on the door and it opens to reveal Stephanie and Bianca who are both grinning at me.

“Who just dropped you off? ”
Stephanie is the first to speak and my eyes widens.
They saw that? I hope they didn’t see its Ryder.
I’m not I’m for questioning time right now.

“No one, let me in. ”
I mutter and they both pave the way for me while I walk in, looking around the apartment.
Wow, it’s really beautiful.
The living room is painted in pink which gives off that a lady owns in.
It’s really spacious too and money heist is on.
I roll my eyes at the movie.
It seems all American are crazy about that movie.
I don’t know what it’s about it anyways.
I like it also but not that much.

I love this apartment.
I wish I could get something like this then at least, I would have mother off my neck, trying to know what I’m doing every single time.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like just no one. ”
Bianca says, waking in and I roll my eyes again.
They’re still on the topic?

“It’s no one. Just a friend. ”
I shrug and they both stare at each other better turning to me with a raised brow.

“Just a friend? ”
Stephanie asks and I nod my head.
Am I friends with Ryder? I don’t even know.
Do friends kiss? Or do friends get that much attracted to each other?
I don’t know about him but there’s something with me.
I just can’t keep my eyes off him when he’s around.
It’s definitely insane.

I shake my head and turn to look at the girls who are still grinning at me.

“What? ”
I laugh and drop my bag, sitting on the couch.

“Nothing. It just doesn’t sound right that you’re saying just friends.
I feel like its something more than that. ”
Stephanie winks at me and I roll my eyes before taking my gaze to the movie.

“By the way, I thought we were just gonna meet here. ”
I mutter and stuff popcorn into my math.

“Yea, I changed my mind. Since Bianca’s place is much more spacious than mine and close, we should just have it here. ”
She says and I nod before bringing out my pyjamas from the bag.

“I’m just gonna go change. ”
I say and they both nod while I make my way upstairs with my bag.
I find a room which I presume should be Bianca’s and I change into my pyjamas before letting my hair fall down my shoulder.

I start hearing some voices from duwnstayrs and I wonder who those are.

I drag the shirt down before walking back downstairs and I stop at the last stair as I watch Bianca and Stephanie who are both staring at the three girls at the door.
What’s happening?

I don’t know any of them but I can defuhteky recognize Anna as she looks up at me and smirk.
This is definitely not gonna be a peaceful sleepover.


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