TOXIC … (18+) … Part 50




I breathe out and lay on my other side as I shift my gown down and stare at the ceiling.

What the hell happened?
What did I just did? And why don’t I have a single regret about it?

“Are you okay? ”
Ryder asks beside me and I smile a little before nodding.

“You’re not like regretting what happened, right? ”
He says again and I turn to him. He’s staring at the ceiling.
I smile before shaking my head again.
“No, not at all. I’m just trying to relax. ”
I sigh and he nods before getting up.

“You’ve never been touched like that before, right? ”
He asks, staring at me and I look away from him immediately as my cheeks flush.
Why did he have to ask me that right now?

“Common, don’t be shy. I won’t say anything. ”
He says, teasing me before like earlier and I swat his arm playfully, rolling my eyes.

“Stop saying that, okay? ”
I roll my eyes and he chuckles again before staring into my eyes and once again, I can’t look away.

“I want it to be like that. ”
He says and I raise my brows at him. Like what?

“What are you talking about? ”
I say and she shakes her head smiling.

“Nothing. ”
He says and stand up from the bed.

“Where are you going? ”
I ask as my eyes widens and he chuckles before bending to me and giving me a swift kiss on the lips.

“Relax. I’m just trying to get you ready for your sleepover. ”
He says and I mutter an oh.
I totally forgot about the sleepover.

I nod and he helps me zip up my gown before helping me get clean and I get up from the bed.

We both walk back outside and I sit on the swing as Ryder pushes me from behind and I scream, laughing happily.

“You’re acting like a five years old. ”
He teases and the swing goes back to him and he pushes me again.

“Shut up. ”
I roll my eyes and he continues pushing the swing forward.

“Hope you got home safely yesterday? ”
He asks and I breathe out before staring up at the sky as she pushed the swing up again.
“Yea, I didn’t go home yesterday though. ”
I say and excepts him to push the swing back up but instead, he hold it back.

“What do you mean by that? ”
He says and turn to stand in front of me.

“Um, drunk me didn’t want to go home yesterday so I ended up at Nick’s..”
I chuckle and he stares at me as if I’ve said something bad.
Was that bad?

He looks away from me and I sigh, wanting to grab his hand bit he jerks it away from me.

“Ryder.. ”
I call again and he shakes his head.

“Nothing. I think we should go now, it’s getting darker by the minute anyways. ”
He says and give me a small smile before walking away.

I sigh and grab my bag from beside me, trailing behind him immediately.

I get on the bike and wrap my arms round his waist as we drive back, away from the house.
I feel his body tense as I lay my head on his back.

What was that for?
I did it the first time we were coming also.
Why is he suddenly acting strange?

I sigh and look at the sky and the stars as the wind blows my hair away, making me feel relaxed.

I already give ryder the address of Bianca’s house and more houses were starting to appear.
I sigh, knowing I have just few more time to spend with him.
I sniff in his scent and smile as I remember us in the tent again.
My body has never felt that much relaxed in my entire life.

He soon stops the bike and I slowly raise my head from hi back to see we are already at Bianca’s.

I slowly climb down from the power bike and give him back the helmet.
His face holds a serious expression and I wonder if it’s still about what I said earlier.

“Ryder, I.. ”
I start to say but he interrupt me and smiles at me.

“It’s okay Roxanne. You should go in there. ”
He says and didn’t wait for me to say another word before he turns back and drive away while I bite down on my tongue to stop myself from crying.


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