TOXIC … (18+) … Part 5



I just stare at him, not sure of what to say and he balance the chair well, his gaze meeting mine.
I let out a silent gasp as I take in his appearance.

He has a ring in his eyebrow, nose and lip. Including a earring in his ears. I never knew guys do nose piercing too and as much as I hate to admit it right now, the piercings actually looks good on him. More than good actually, he looks exactly like a model and he is definitely not the one that interviewed me yesterday.
What is he doing here and who is he?

“Are you gonna stand there staring at me all day or are you gonna take a seat? ”
His deep voice interrupts my thought and I realize I haven’t moved from the spot I was since I enter in here.

“Sorry. ”
I quietly mutter and take two steps forward.
I stand in front of him with my head bowed and I have no idea why.

“You can take a seat. ”
I nod and take a seat across from him and awkward silence fills the air while I pinch my thigh.. Something I usually do whenever I’m nervous.

My curiosity gets the best of me and I look up at him. His eyes were focused on the newspaper in his hands.
I couldn’t help but let my eyes linger at him. He’s putting on a white shirt then a black jacket.
His neck that is not hidden by the clothing is covered in tattoos leading straight to his jawline.
Geez. I have never seen someone with that much tattoos.

“It’s rude to stare without permission, you know. ”
I trail my gaze back to his eyes and he has a smug smile on.

I look away immediately, my cheeks flushing at the fact that he caught me staring at him.

“You are here for? ”
He suddenly says again and I gulp in.

“Interview. A job. ”
I can’t find my voice and it’s so annoying.
He didn’t say anything else and the atmosphere is awkward again. I think I should just leave.

Just when I am about to stand up, the door open and I look back to see the same man who interviewed me yesterday.
Finally, I was getting uncomfortable with the tattooed weird guy.

“I see you’re back again miss brown. Never thought you would come back. ”
Mr Malik smiles at me and I gulp in nervously before bowing a little to him.

“Alfred, what do you think you’re doing there? ”
Mr Malik says to the tattooed guy and I watch between the both of them.

“Shut up you fucking cunt. Acting as though you didn’t miss me. ”
The tattooed guy laughs and my mouth drops open at the language he uses.

“Still haven’t changed, I see. ”
Mr Malik laughs before hugging the tattooed guy while I just watch the both of them.

They pull away quickly and I stare into space.

“So miss brown.. ”
He says and take a seat on the chair the tattooed guy stood up from.

“What made you come back? I never thought you would after that tantrum you pulled yesterday. ”
Of course you didn’t. I didn’t either but all thanks to Sophia who has managed to get me into this situation and my runny mouth.

“You told me to come back. ”
I speak softly, only to notice pair of eyes on me.
I turn and my gaze meets with dark ones, staring at me as if I’m the most interesting thing right now.
Look away as quickly as I could.

“I see.. ”
Mr Malik says and drum his fingers against the desk. Now I have two guys whom I’m intimidated of both staring at me.
I look down to avoid their gazes abs fiddle with my fingernails.
Did I come here for this?

“Ryder.. ”
Oh the tattooed guy name must be Ryder.

“Do you know what this lady here did? She slapped me in the name of protecting her dignity Now she’s back here again all cause I asked her to. How exactly should I punish her? ”
He says.

Oh god. He really wants to punish me. How the hell did I got myself in this situation? Someone should remind me why I came here in the first place. Right!
I couldn’t face the embarrassment that I lied about getting the job.

“How about I bend her over this desk and the that dignity she’s so fond of then we take our turns with her. ”
I stand up immediately, taking two steps back, only to collide into a rigid body.
I turn quickly, my body trembling as Ryder winked at me.

I turn back to Mr Malik and he’s laughing at me.

“You’re so hilarious miss Brown and because I find you quite interesting is the reason I told you to come here today. ”
He stands up from his feet and walk over to me.
Great, now I’m caged in between two huge guys.

What is it that you were preventing earlier?

My subconscious jumps in and I roll my eyes mentally at her.

This couldn’t be what I think it is right?

“If you take another step. I.. I.. I swear u would scream. ”
I say with shaky voice and they both laugh.

“If you scream baby, they will actually think we’re doing something with you in here. ”
Ryder whispers in my ear, his breath fanning my skin.

“You have no reason to be afraid Roxanne.
You just got the job. ”


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