TOXIC … (18+) … Part 49




He smiles a little at me before he looks down again, pulling my gown up and brushing the dress against my hips.

I breathe in the moment his cold finger meets against my skin and my chest heaves up and down.

His thumb graze around the waistband of my pant and my breath gets even more heavier.
“Are you alright? ”
He asks, looking up at me and I nod, trying to calm down my breathing.
I’m breathing just way too hard.

“I can hear your breathing from here Roxanne, do you want me to stop? ”
He raises his brows and I shake my head immediately, telling him no.

“No.. I… I’m just trying to control myself. ”
I breathe out and he nods before staring down at me again.

He trails kisses down my neck to my chest, lingering a little on my cleavage then he trails it back to my collarbone before his lips meets mine.

I moan into his mouth and his hands grips my thighs, slipping right inside the gown.

I tuck at his hair and wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing forward a little.

His hand stops at my thigh and he looks up at me as if asking for permission.
I nod and his hand slid through making contact with my pant.
He rub me from outside my pant and I groan, a moan escaping through my throat.

“You’re so wet.. ”
He smirk and his lips met with mine again.
His tongue slid through my lips and he kiss the back of my throat before nibbling a little on my bottom lip then moving to my upper lip.

His fingers rests on the waistband of my pant and my breathing hitches.
His fingers goes down and he presses his thumb against my pant and a weird sensation ran through my body, passing heat around my whole body then settling on my core.

I moan out and he removes his hand then break the kiss.

He look down at me and hold the sleeve of my gown.

“Can I? ”
He whispers and I nod slowly .
He smiles and removes the gown so it’s revealing my chest on me and now I’m half naked in front of him.

I feel so shy, no guy has ever saw me this revealing ever before and I look away from him.

“Look at me, Roxanne ”
He whisper and I turn to look at him.
His eyes blazes with emotions I can’t quite decipher.

“I want you look at me and watch what only I can do to you. Only me, no one else.
No one else will ever do this to you.
No one will ever watch you this way. ”
He whispers and his hot mouth makes contact with my tummy making me to breath in a sharp breath and my skin tingling.

“You’re beautiful Roxanne. ”
He mutters, slowly biting on my skin which made me moan.

“I have always wanted to do this. Always wanted to know how you would feel in my arms.
Against my touch.
I’ve always wanted to see you lose control over what I do to you. ”
He utters and trails kisses up to my breasts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful like this.
Right under me while I drive you insane, Fuck! ”
He growls and kisses inbetween my breasts.
All my shyness disappeares immediately as he looked into my eyes.

“You’re beautiful.. ”
He repeats again and I blush.
He bends down and kiss my lips again before his mouth wraps round my nipple.

My body trembles as I moan out his name.
Damn! It felt so good. No one has ever done that to me before and I like it.

His teeth grazes my nipple and he sucks on it as if he wants it to produce something while I moan his name breathlessly.
His mouth feels so warm against me and I’m losing ever ounce of self control I have as I bite down on my lower lip to stop the moans a little but that just seems so impossible.

His hand grips onto my other breast and he press it softly while sucking on the other one.
“Oh my gawd, Ryder … ”
I moan out loud and tangle my fingers in his hair.

He pulls away after some time and bends a little under.
“Can I? ”
He asks holding the waistband of my pant and I shyly nod.

He chuckles before grabbing my gown and raising it up to cover my chest area.
“So you don’t feel totally naked ”
He smiles and raise the gown a little to reveal my pant.

He pull it down and his finger thrust inside me.
I gasp a little and arch my back.
I feel the little pinch just right down at my abdomen and I close my eyes momentarily.

“Are you okay? ”
He looks up at me and I nod at him closing my eyes.

“Shit, you’re so tight..”
He curse and thrust the one finger in and out while I moan, it’s too much. Too much sensations.

He try doubling the fingers but I gasp out loud and he removes one.
“Sorry ”
He smiles warmly at me before thrusting the one finger in and out.

I never knew that this could feel so good. I always feel disgusted and irritated when I watch couples do this in movies but the feelings.
They are so indescribable.
I can barely keep my eyes open and my mouth shut.

His finger kept thrusting in and out and I didn’t even realised when he doubles the finger until I felt it.

I moan out his name together with other nonsense I can’t decipher.

I gasp and he thrust in and out a few times while using his thumb to rub over my clit before I reach my orgasm.

I breathe out and close my eyes before opening them back.
He pulls out his fingers and licked my orgasm off his fingers.

I scrunch my nose together and he chuckles before laying in and kissing my my lips doe a short time before collapsing beside me.

He stares up and I just breathe in and out, trying to think about everything that just happened.


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