TOXIC … (18+) … Part 48




His lips is warm against mine and his tongue slowly slides inside my mouth while I give in full entrance.

He moves his hands to my hips and brings me down beneath him, to lay on the bench while he hovers on top of me.

I try to hold onto his biceps to steady myself as he trails kisses down my neck then to my cleavage before capturing his lips in mine again.

I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t intoxicated.
I am well aware of what’s going up and I can’t deny the feelings that build up in me.
The spark. The butterflies. The fire. The heat that rushes through my entire body.
The relief of having his hands on me.
The pleasure of having his lips against mine.
Everything was perfect.

His lips. They taste just exactly like the drink I was having that day.
The champagne mixed with mint.
It’s a beautiful mixture and it’s so damn intoxicating.

I try to take in everything that’s happening.
The way his lips are sloppy. Moving away then dancing right back to mine.
The way his lips leaves fire everywhere it makes contact with my skin.
The way he hold onto my waist possessively.
The way that I melt under his touch.

He brings his hands down to my waist before grabbing my thighs carefully and making me stand up from the bench.
He sits down and made me sit on his lap, straddling him while he wraps my legs round his waist.

I gently tug at his hair and I don’t know what prompt me to do it but I just start grinding myself against him, on his lap.
I could feel him hardening against me and that boosts my confidence even more as I grind harder, circling my hip round him as he sucks on my neck.

“Fuck Roxy. If you keep doing that, I might actually have to take you right now. Right here. ”
He growls against my skin and my cheeks flushed.
I don’t know what I’m doing but I sure as hell don’t want to stop either.
It seems like all my senses left me the moment his lips was on mine.
I didn’t have control of my body nor my mind anymire.
I just want to enjoy this moment with him. If that’s a right thing, but I don’t seem to care at the moment.
He trails kisses back to my lips before sucking on my bottom lip while biting the upper one and even though, a small sting follows. I couldn’t deny the pleasure thar exploded in me.

He gently strands up and pulls his lips away from my lips and I whine. Like I literally whine and he chuckles.

“I’m just gonna get us somewhere it would be more comfortable. ”
He says and I nod while holding tightly to him.

He walks towards the tent and bend a little before walking inside the tent and my eyes quickly scan through the area.
There’s no much in here, just a mattress and some things I don’t even identity.

He lay me gently on the mattress, pushing himself on his elbow to keep his weight from me as he stares down at me and I breathe out.

Mere staring at me do some sinful things to my body.
How can he be this handsome?

He trails his fingers down my face then runs his thumb over my lips.

“Bite it. ”
He says and my eyes widens. What?

“Bite my thumb Roxanne. ”
He says again and I slowly open my mouth while he pushes his finger in.
I bite it gently and he closes his eyes momentarily before pulling his hand away and kissing me again as his hands roams my body before going to the hem of my gown and he looks up at me.

“Should I? ”
He asks and I nod immediately.

I’m not thinking about how I will regret this after I’m out from this stare but seriously?
I don’t care.

I just want him. All of him.
In however way I can.


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