TOXIC … (18+) … Part 46




Minutes later and Ryder is still driving.
I watch as he drives along a quiet street and I look around to see that there’s no one around here.
Where are we going?

“I’m not kidnapping you, don’t worry. ”
He laughs and I smile a little before laying my head back against his back and soon, houses start appearing again and I can see some people walking down the street again.

He keeps driving and I couldn’t care more cause I actually enjoy the way the wind blows, the way the trees moves freely and the way everything is so peaceful.
Without mother yelling, without Sophie taunting me. Everything is quiet and I close my eyes to the feeling of the cold air against my skin.

Soon he stops and I slowly open my eyes, looking around to see that we’re in a quiet area. No one is here. No houses. Nothing.

“Where are we? ”
I ask as he helps me to climb down and he smiles at me.

“Just relax. You’ll get it soon. ”
He smiles again before grabbing the helmet from me and putting it on his bike.
He walks forward and I trail behind him.

We keeps walking and the night from the moon is the only thing that’s keeping me moving.

I try not to jump on him as we walk and I almost trip across the wet grass but I quickly balance myself.
When I raise my head, a fast gasp slides through my throat.
Oh my god.
It’s a field. A large field and it has windwhirls shaped like a fan, blowing air against us.
Then there are some fun equipments there plus there’s a little tent there.
The moon reflects on the rent and it’s a beautiful sight.
Everything is beautiful.
If you lay on the grass, you can see the stars perfectly above the sky.

“So you like it? ”
I hear Ryder’s voice because me and I shake my head, still staring at the land in front of me.
How did he found such a place like this!

“Do I like it? ”
I groan, still shaking my head. “I love it! It’s so beautiful. How do you find a place like this? ”
I ask turning to him but he only walks forward and I follow him instantly.

He sits down on the grass and stare up at the sky while I do the same thing.

“One night, I was angry cause of something that happened at home so I drove away. Didn’t care where I was driving to. I just kept driving then I found this place, far far behind the city.
Behind all the troubles, I could relax there and enjoy the peaceful air.
I found out there used to be houses here, I don’t know what happened though but I like being here.
Whenever I want to be alone, I come here and I set that tent up myself in case I want to sleep here sometimes. ”
He says and my eyes widens.

“Sleep here? Alone? Aren’t you afraid? ”
I ask horrified and he laughs.
No matter how beautiful and quiet this place is, I wouldn’t dream of staying here overnight, not to talk of sleeping here all alone.

“So I guess you’re one of those girls who thinks monsters exist. ”
He laughs and I roll my eyes at him.

“It isn’t that I think monsters exist. I know they do, what if something comes and eat you up. ”
I ask, suddenly getting panicked as I move closer to him.
It’s quiet here and it’s dark.
What if something really comes out?

“Stop being ridiculous. There are nothing like monsters or Demons and if they were, don’t you think one would have come to us right now? ”
He raises his brows and I yell before holding tightly to his arm while he chuckles.
He’s enjoying this, Uh?

“you act like a five year old. You really know that. ”
He continues laughing and I want to push him away so badly but I’m afraid of being alone especially since its already dark.

“Stop talking ”
I mutter.

“Why? You’re afraid a monster will come out? ”
He laughs and I got him before clutching to him tightly.
“Stop. Saying saying that. A. A.. A… A monster might really Come out. ”
I croak and he chuckles before looking away from me.

He stares at the front and I sigh, still holding onto his shoulder.

“I hate it. ”
He suddenly says and I raise my head from under him to look at him.

“I hate that the marriage happened. I hate that he had to go off and marry another woman. It has just been a year since mother died. ”
He voices out and I sigh before staring at him.
So that’s why he wasn’t nice to Nick’s mother.

“But you like Nick, right? ”
I ask and he chuckles.

“He’s cool. Yeah but I don’t like him too much either.
He acts like a crackhead sometimes. ”
He says and I find myself chuckling.

“I wish shit was different. ”
He sighs and I look up at the stars.

I wish my life was different also.


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