TOXIC … (18+) … Part 45




I shake my head and wipe away my tears when a bike suddenly stops in front of the house.
The light shines to my eyes and I had to use my hand to block it away.

I raise my head and Ryder walks down from his power bike and walks towards my small frame while I breathe in sharply.

He looks so breathtaking. He’s putting on what he’s always putting on.
Jacket, ripped jeans and a white T-shirt which hugs his body perfectly.

He stops in front of me and keep his hands in his pocket.

“Are you okay? ”
Were the first words that tumble out of his lips and I smile before nodding and sniffing again.
I just can’t believe that mother said all of that to me.

“Why are you here? ”
I finally ask when I calm down and he shrugs.

“I told you I will be coming to take you. Thought you said you would he busy. ”
He cocks his brows and I nod.

“I am, I’m going over to my friends for a sleepover. ”
I sigh, holding tightly to my bag when he suddenly burst into laughter.

“A sleepover? What are you, five? ”
He laughs and his dimples pops out while I take my eyes away from him and roll my eyes over.

“It’s just a normal thing. ”
I shrug. What’s so wrong about having a sleepover with your friends?

“Yea, a normal thing for you to do. You girls really do all sort of weird stuffs. ”
He shakes his head and I roll my eyes again.

“Why are you here by the way? ”
I finally ask the question and he raises his head, staring into my eyes.
I couldn’t look away from him, I couldn’t do anything.
I just stare back into his eyes and he traps me me in there, not looking away and not allowing me to set free.
I could feel my body heat up from the intensity of his gaze and I know I’m shaking.
My hands are trembling and it’s getting hard to hold the bag. What am I doing?
What is he doing to me?

He shakes his head and look away and I sigh before staring down at my feet.

What was that for?
Why couldn’t I look away from him?
It was like I’m stuck and I couldn’t even control my own eyes.

“Nothing really, I had nothing to do and I just thought about going somewhere with you. ”
He shrugs and the moonlight hits against his eyebrow ring.
Geez, if that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what else will be.

“Um.. I.. I.. ”
I stammer. I sigh and close my eyes, breathing out before opening them and seeing him staring at me.
I look away immediately before something happens again.
The atmosphere has changed and the air is thick and I can’t believe I’m having this conservation with him with my family who already doesn’t believe me only few meters away.
What if Sophie comes out and misunderstand everything?
I shake my head. I shouldn’t care about that right now.
I don’t even want to think about what has happened in there minutes ago.

“I’m going for a sleepover and I.. I. Already promised I would be there. ”
I finally bring out words.

After the sleepover, where will I stay?
I hope mother calms down before tomorrow.
I don’t have a apartment yet.
Maybe I shouldn’t have left and just stayed but I don’t like the fact that she always want to control me.
Always trying to dictate what I should do and always taking Sophie’s side, even though she knows how Sophie van be.

It just makes me so angry sometimes, like it has done this night but I shouldn’t let that get to me.
I wouldn’t break down because of that.

“Are you even listening to me? ”
Ryder’s voice jots me out of my thoughts and I turn to him with my brows raised.

“What were you saying? ”
I ask and he stares at me for a moment before shrugging.

“I said maybe you could spend some time with me first then I will take you to that sleepover.
It wouldn’t take much of your time. ”
He says and I tilt my head to the side before nodding.

He smile a little and leads me to his bike.
He gives me a helmet and sit on it before I climb on it and wrap my arms round his waist.

He starts the engine and drive off the peaceful street and I lay my head on his back slowly as the breeze blows away my worries.


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