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September 21, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 44

4 min read



“And where do you think you’re going miss? ”
Mother is the first to talk and I almost roll my eyes but I control myself.

“For a sleepover. ”
I say plainly and I watch them watch each other as if I’ve said something wrong.

“Or you’re going to fuck your boss.. Again, just like you did yesterday. ”
Sophie butts in and I glare at him but she only chuckles.

“I’m going for a sleepover Sophie but you can believe whatever you want. ”
I say calmly before turning to mother who’s staring at me.

“You aren’t going anywhere Roxanne. ”
As the words tumbles out of her mouth, I couldn’t help the anger that surges through me.

“I can mother and I am. I’m twenty three for Christ’s sake. You don’t get to order me around as if I’m some kind of seven years old.
You can’t control me. Not anymore. ”
I mutter politely and she drops her fork harshly on the table before standing up.

“you’re my daughter and I say you’re going nowhere! ”
She starts to yell and I scoff, loudly for everyone of them to hear.

“Yea, right? I’m the daughter that should always be monitored. I’m the daughter that should always been told what to do and what not to do. I’m the daughter that should be controlled around.
I’m the daughter that always have a problem.
Sophie goes anywhere she wants anytime she likes without even asking and you never for once complain about it.
She can do whatsoever she wants, anytime she wants to and you wouldn’t say a word about it but of course, young stupid Roxanne should be the one getting lectured around.
I’m going out mother, whether you like it or not! ”
I snap angrily.

“Roxanne! ”
Father tells, standing up also. “Learn how to talk to your mother! Give her some respect! ”

“I’m not disrespecting her father. I’m merely telling her that she shouldn’t always try to control me.
I own my own life and I know how to live my life. ”
I mutter and she chuckles.

“Live your life? And by that, you mean sleeping around with your boss? ”
Mother raised her brows at me and my breathing hitches instantly as I stare at the woman that stands in front of me whom I call my mother.
Mother just said… I can’t believe this.
I look over at Sophie and she’s smirking, obviously she’s enjoying this.

“I’m not sleeping with my boss. How many times do I have to say that?!”
I tell louder.

“Then tell us where the hell you went to yesterday to only return this morning?
You said it was a party, right? Then tell us why you didn’t return back to the house? ”
Sophie butts in and I shake my head.

“you believe what you want. I don’t care and I own you no damn explanation. ”
I snap at her and she laughs.

“Can you see that? She can’t even defend herself so I was right after all. She’s sleeping with her boss. ”

“I’m going out and I will be back by tomorrow. It’s a sleepover mother, nothing more. ”
I try to beg her with my eyes.

“You are going nowhere. ”
She mutters quietly and I breathe out heavily.

“You just don’t get to control me! ”
I yell and what follows was a slap.
I gasp as I hold tightly to my cheek.
Never in my life has she ever raised her hand to hit me.
So it has come to this?
I turn to sophie and she seems pretty pleased with everything that’s happening.
Of course she would be.

“Selena, stop it. Let her go, she’s not a kid anymore afterall. ”
Dad hold her hand but she jerks it away from his grip and turn to me, eyes blazing.

“Walk out through that door and don’t even bother walking back in. ”
She glares and I nod before turning and walking away, out of the house.

“You are not my daughter anymore. Do you heard me? You’re not my daughter anymore! ”
She yells and I breathe in as the tears rolls down my cheeks heavily and I don’t even try to stop them.


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