TOXIC … (18+) … Part 43




I close my eyes as memories of the kiss come clashing in again.
I can’t believe i kissed Nick.
He must have been so pissed off. I’m never drinking again in my life.

My phone vibrates again and I grab it. It’s a text from a unknown number.

*You okay, yet? *
Who is this and how did this person got my number.
I leave it since it’s a unknown number before walking to my closet.
I need to get the clothes for the sleepover.
Not like mother would let me go voluntarily but she needs to know that I’m not six and I have freedom of movement.
I’m twenty three and she has to stop treating me like I’m some sort of kid.
I need to get my apartment soon, also.

My phone vibrates again and I groan before checking it. The unknown number again.

Roxanne, are you sober yet?
The text reads and I already know its Ryder. Where did he got my number.
Now that I think about it, where did he get my house address from.

Yea, thank you. Didn’t know you cared
I bite my lower lip before sending the text and I pick out some few clothes.
Not to step foot into that company, uh?
She’s gotta be kidding me.

I grab some nightwear abd some toiletries since I’m likely returning tomorrow.
Some other things I might need and I made sure I grab tampons too.
I don’t know why but that’s always been a habit of mine, I guess.

I pack them all in a bag before going to retrieve my phone and there’s already a new text message from Ryder.

*I don’t but seeing you got drunk cause of us, it’s our responsibility. I’m coming there by nine *
What? Coming here? To do what exactly?

*don’t. Im not gonna be home *
I send the text before walking inside the bathroom.

I step under the shower and let the warm water cool down my nerves and my temperature.
I place my arms against the wall as the kiss replays in my head again.
It was for a short time but I could sense the fire in it, even though it lasted for only few seconds.
I shake my head, why am I thinking about that again?

I move out of the shower and wrap a towel round my body before going hack inside the room.
I look at my closet for something to wear around.
If mother thinks she’s gonna stop me from working there then she’s so wrong.
I’m going there as son as daylight breaks tomorrow.

I sigh before going to retrieve my phone and a new text message. This time two, one is from Jason and one is from Ryder.
I don’t know why but I opened Ryder’s first.

*I wasn’t asking Roxy. I’m coming down there by nine *
Why is he so stubborn?

I roll my eye better opening Jason’s.

*Hey, is everything okay? I can’t find you here *
I smile, shaking my head before typing a reply.

Am I the one you’re looking for there?
Yea, everything is fine. Just can’t make it today

I end before dropping my phone and going to dress up.

I’m dressed up in a shirt that stops at my mid-thigh before I walk downstairs.
Mother is nowhere to be found and Sophie’s eyes are glued to the TV.
I roll my eyes before walking into the kitchen. I’m craving for some pizza.
There should be some in the fridge.

After taking two slices of pizza and milk, I retrieve back to the living room.

“Look who’s here. ”
Sophie says, without taking her eyes away from the TV and I roll my eyes again.

I focus on my pizza but of course, Sophie being Sophie made sure she irritates me till I ended up leaving the room for her.

Night breaks and it’s already past eight.
I text stephanie about the address but she just say she would pick me up at Bianca’s and text Bianca’s address to me.
I really need to get my own car too, I hate having to wait for bus or a cab every damn time.
Including my own apartment, I need freedom without a nosey sister meddling in my buiness and without over dramatic parents trying to tell me what to do.

I grab my phone and the bag before walking downstairs to see everyone already gathered for dinner.
I breathe in and out knowing I’m in for a whole shit of argument but I’m not gonna back down this time.
I’ve spent all my life doing everything they want.
I’ve spent all my life being lectured about what’s right or wrong even though in not the problem in the house.
I’m spent all my life trying to please my parents especially mother but not tonight.
Not now and now ever again.

I won’t back down this time.


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