TOXIC … (18+) … Part 4



I am panicking already and I already lost my appetite.
What the heck have I done?
Why couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut and let her ramble on?
But still, if I hadn’t talked, I’m sure she would have forced mom and dad to make me go to Carter cooperate.

“I’m gonna go rest. ”
I announce and stand up gently, taking my plate with me.
I drop it in the sink before making my way to my bedroom.
I collapse on my bed and think of the stupid lie I made up.
I should have really kept my mouth shut. Now, every morning they’ll expect me to dress for work and come back around evening.
Where will I go every morning?

The door creak opens and I turn back to see Sophia walking in.
She close the door and leans against it, with her arms cross against her chest.

“Start talking. ”
She says and I just stare at her. Start talking about what?

“Oh please, don’t give me that face. We both know whatever you said down there was a total lie. So start explaining yourself. ”
She take a step forward and I sit up on the bed.

“What should I start explaining? I got the job and it’s as simple as that. ”
My mouth has already opened and the words have already been dropped before my brain could connect to it.

“Okay fine, let’s say you got the job. Why don’t you tell me what you did? Did you open your damn legs to get the job? ”
I blink twice and gulp in.

“Why do you always see the worst in me? Why can’t you for once believe that I did something good? ”
I snap at her and she chuckles.

“Cause that’s what you deserve and that’s how you are. You are a pathetic lying bitch, you think you have everyone fooled with your innocent face but I’m not gonna fall for that. ”

“I’m your sister. ”
I whisper lowly. I’m hurt.
Yes, I know she despises me but I never knew it was to that extent.

“Oh please, cut me the crap. Mother made a mistake giving birth to you, you should have been flushed off instead of being delivered. ”
She spits.

“Just get out of my room Sophia. I don’t know about you but I got to be at Queens global tomorrow. ”

Why can’t I keep my mouth shut already?

“Sure sister. After all, you got the job. ”
She gave me one last smile before walking out and I sigh.

What am I gonna do with this situation I have manage to put myself into.
Will i really go back there?

Yes, you are. Stop being a coward and just go.

I think I should really go. I mean, if he really want to punish me for standing up for my pride then I might as well press charges against him for trying to sexually assault me.

So yea, I’m gonna stop being ridiculous and go back there tomorrow.
I close my eyes and my dream is clouded with image of my brown hair sister standing at a corner watching me while I’m being assaulted.

I groan as my alarm goes off and I stretch my arm to reach it.
I breath out a frustrated sigh when I couldn’t find it and ended up standing up to turn it off.
It’s just nine. Mother has tried waking me up earlier at seven telling me I now have a job but I remember him clearly telling me to come at ten.
I stretch my arms and stand up from the bed, heading straight to the bathroom.

I pack my hair in a tight bun and splash water on my face before pulling off my clothes and wrapping a towel round my body.

I spread the paste on my toothbrush and begin to brush my teeth.
I spit out the foam into the sink and flush it before rinsing my mouth.

I let loose of the towel and step under the shower, allowing the hot water to cool down my nerves like it always does.
I rest my hands on the wall as a hundred scenarios goes through my mind at what is gonna happen today.
It might goes well for me and I might get the job which is like a slim possibility or, it might not go well and I will have to come back home to face Sophia which is definitely a bad thing for me.

I put on a black skirt that reach my knees and a white shirt. I grab my handbag and walk downstairs.

Sophia is nowhere to be found including mom and dad which means I’m the only one in this house.
At least I won’t have to face Sophia’s wrath.
I drop my bag on the chair and walk into the kitchen to find a note which is probably for me.

Since you said you are not leaving until nine. I have some place I have to be and your breakfast is there.

Seriously? Did mom had to leave this note?
I think I’m old enough to take care of myself.

I roll my eyes at the childish note she left me and walk over to the counter.
Truly, there is some lasagna left.
My stomach grumbles in anticipation and I chuckle before dishing myself breakfast.

I look up at the big building in front of me and let out a breath. I can’t believe that I’m here.. Again!

I walk in and it’s just as busy as it was yesterday. Many people trooping up and down.

I look down at my wristwatch. Exactly ten, I’m just in time.

“Good morning. You are here again. ”
The receptionist smiles at me and I nod slowly.

“I have a appointment with the boss. He asked me to see him at exactly ten. ”
I blurt.

“Oh, you mean Mr Malik? ”
I roll my eyes over. Who else would I be talking about?

“Give me a minute. ”
She smile and grab the phone, dialing his office number I guess.

“Sir, a lady named.. ”
She turn to me and I mouth Roxanne Brown to her. “Roxanne Brown is here and she said she has a appointment with you. ”

“Okay sir. ”

“Oh. Okay sir ”
She suddenly blush, her cheeks turning pink. Are they flirting over the phone?
“Okay, thank you sir. ”
She finally drop the phone.

“Just take the stairs to the second floor then take the elevator to the last floor. Turn left right at the corner and you’ll see his office. ”
I almost tell her that he was on this floor yesterday interviewing me but I keep my mouth shut. She probably knows here more than I do.

“Thanks. ”
I tell her and walk away from her.
I walk like she directs me to and I finally arrive on the last floor.

I turn left to the corner and there is only one office in sight.

I knock on the metal door and make sure I hear a come in before opening the door and walking in.

I close the door behind me and bow.

“Good morning sir. ”
When I raise my head, I’m surprised to see a black haired guy resting on the chair and his legs stretched on the desk.


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