TOXIC … (18+) … Part 39



I giggle as I stare at Nick who watches me like I’m some sort of prey.

He sighs before walking out of the room and he walks back in with a shirt in his hand.

He pulls the shirt over my head and I giggle again.

He grabs my hand and lead me to the bed.

“Sleep. ”
He says and I shake my head.

“Roxanne, you need to sleep. ”
He groans and I shake my head again.

He sighs before sitting me down on the bed and I pout.

“Getting drunk is definitely not your thing. I won’t give you that ever again. Now sleep. ”
He says and I giggle before pulling him on the bed.

“What do you think you’re doing? ”
His eyes widens as I giggle again.

“Sleep with me. ”
I say and he shakes his head.

“No, you sleep. I will go. ”
He says and I shake my head.

“Sleep with me.”
I yell, my eyes getting glossy and he sighs before laying beside me and turning off the light.

“This is quite amusing. ”
I hear him whisper and I smile before nuzzling into his chest and closing my eyes.


I woke up with a headache and my head hurts like shit.

Why the hell is my head banging so much? And why didn’t my alarm wake me up?

I groan before sitting up on the bed and looking around the room.
For a moment I got confused, wait. This isn’t my room.

What happened?

I sigh before clutching to my stomach which hurts a lot and that’s when I see the cloth I’m putting on.

This isn’t mine. Where did I find this? What the hell is going on?

I sigh and the shirt, it smells like Nick.
What happened at the party?
Why can’t I remember anything?

I groan and my head hurt so much I feel like its about to fall off and that’s when everything comes back in.

‘Do you like my brother’

‘Drunk you is fun but sober you will beat the hell out of my ass if I do this ‘

‘She’s wasted ‘

‘You sure don’t know how to keep your hands off my brother ‘

‘We didn’t do anything. Are you jealous? ‘

‘is that my journal, why did you take it from the room ‘

‘Zip me ‘

‘Go to sleep Roxanne’

‘Sleep with me ‘

Oh my goodness.
That didn’t happen right? I didn’t just tell Nick to sleep with me.

Oh god. What the hell is wrong with me?

I’m never drinking in my entire life again.
I can’t believe I’m here and not that home!

Mother will kill me and Sophie will definitely have something to say about it.
I try to look for my phone but I can’t find it.

I groan and stand and the door opens at the same time, revealing boss and I gulp in.


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