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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 32

4 min read




Anna has already bent and Ryder pulls his fingers out, leaving them on my pant and I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding.

Anna stands back up and drop the fork on the table.

I breathe out again and purposely stand up, Ryder’s hand dropping from my thigh.
I look down at him and he smirks at me.

“Is everything okay? ”
Nick asks and I shake my head.

“Can we switch seats? ”
I ask and Ryder scoffs beside me.
Yes, he thinks I will just seat down and let him do things he doesn’t have right to with me?
No way.

“Um, why is everything okay? ”

“Yea, everything is fine. I just want to have a clearer view of the stage. ”
I lie and he nods before standing up while I seat on his seat, he sits at my place.

Yea, he can now try to do what he was doing to Nick.

“I hope you guys are enjoying the party. ”
Nick’s mother and her husband walks to us and I smile.

“Anna, I didn’t know you came. ”
Oh. She knows her?
I guess Nick and Anna were more than just fuck buddies.
Maybe something more serious, the girls didn’t know about but what could have happened between them?

“Yes madam. I came here on invite and didn’t tag along like some slut. ”
I scoff and raise my head and she’s staring at me.

Is she talking to me? Did she just called me a bitch?
“Um.. Okay. Anyways Roxanne, hope you’re enjoying the party. How’s the food. ”
Nick’s mother says and I smile politely.

“I haven’t actually taste the food ma’am but the party is really good and fun. I love it. ”
I smile. She smiles at me before excusing herself again and she walks away with her husband.

My phone rings in my pocket and I excuse myself before walking away from the loud room.

I see a door and I walking in and I awe at the big room.
It’s really beautiful too.

The ringing of my phone jots me back and I take the phone. Bianca.

📱 Hey girl. How are you enjoying your dates.
Her cheery voice booms in and I chuckle.

📱 Stephanie told you?

📱 That you decided to be a Elena, even though you were whining about her being foolish for her stringing both Damon and Stephan along? Yea, she told me.
She says and I chuckle again, tapping my finger on the desk.

📱 I couldn’t choose between the two. I knew it would cause trouble so I just took both.

I sigh and now I’m regretting it cause one just almost gave me my first orgasm. Almost.

📱 I understand. Now you would understand how Elena also felt choosing between Damon and Stephan.

📱 Elena was stupid. End of discussion.

📱 Then you’re also stupid.

📱 We’re different.

📱 Doing the same thing?
I can picture her raising her brows right now.

📱 I’m not discussing about the Vampire Diaries with you when I’m on a date bi.

I groan and she chuckles.
📱 Enjoy your date but you have tons of questions to be answered tomorrow. Bye girlie.

📱 Night Bianca.

I smile before hanging up the call and when I turn back, I jump in fright when Ryder smirks at me.

“The hell?! You scared me! ”
I shout and he chuckles.
When did he got in already?

“Sorry about that dollface. I was worried you went missing. ”
Really doll face?

“Why did you do that? ”
I ask and he raises his brows at me.

“Did what? ”
Is he kidding me?

“that thing you did downstairs. ”
I groan and he chuckles.
Damn! I don’t know if it’s the drink I had but he looks so hot right now.

“Why did you think I did it? ”
He asks, taking a step towards me and I stumble back.
Great! Now my steps aren’t balanced.

“I don’t know. ”
I breathe out. My head is spinning right now.

“How about I show you? ”
his breath fans my face and my breathing is hard with my chest heaving up and down.

Before I could say anything, his lips are already on mine.


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