TOXIC … (18+) … Part 31




I turn to Nick and he’s staring at the stage, just rubbing circles down my back which means it isn’t him.. Then?

I turn to Ryder and he’s smirking at me. What the..?

I furrow my brows at him and he smirks harder.
Son of a bitch?

I gasp when his finger slides upper and meets with my pant.
My body trembles immediately and I shift on the chair, thinking maybe he’ll remove his hand but just like a jerk he is, he didn’t.

I look around and there are lots of people here.
I can’t possibly cause a scene here.

“Are you okay? ”
Nick asks beside me when he notices me shifting on the chair and I force a smile at him.

“I’m…. ”
I ended up gasping when Ryder rubs over my pant.
Oh my god.

“Are you really okay? Is something wrong? ”
Just as I’m about to reply, he quickens his pace on the material.
Is he kidding me right now?

I turn to glare at him but he isn’t even looking at me.
He’s staring at the stage and acting like he isn’t doing something wrong right now.

He rubs faster and I bite my tongue to keep myself from moaning.
Oh god.

I squirm on my seat and bite my lips hard that I’m afraid it’ll start to bleed.

“Roxanne, are you okay? ”
Nick asks and I turn to him immediately.

“I.. ”
My breathing is heavy as I try to speak and Ryder chuckles beside me.

“I’m.. ”
I close my eyes again to calm my breathing. “I’m okay. ”
I finally answer and he tilts his head to the side a little before nodding.

“Are you sure you’re okay Roxanne? ”
Ryder dares to ask me and I turn to him, glaring as hard as I could possibly do.

He chuckles and looks away and I keep moving on the chair.
Anna stares at me from across the table but it’s so damn hard to keep my eyes open.
I feel like closing them right now but won’t that be weird?

I gasp louder when he pushes my pant to the side and his finger slides inside me.
Oh god.
He didn’t just do that!

He moves his finger in and out of me in a slow rate and I turn to him, but he isn’t looking at me.

What does he think he’s doing right now?

A moan slips through my throat when he quickens the pace and Nick turns to me with a raised brow.
Oh god. Did he heard me?
“Are you sure you’re okay? You’re acting weird. ”
Nick says again and I breathe out, glad he didn’t hear me.

“Leave her Nick. Maybe she’s just not really comfortable with the party, right Roxanne? ”
He turns to him and I want to slap him so hard that his cheek should tear if that’s possible.

The waitress around brings food to our table and I try to keep my eyes open.

A fork drops and I look up to Anna.

“I’ll pick it. ”
She says and begins to bend under the table.
Oh god. She’s going to..

I turn to Ryder and he isn’t doing anything, just working his fingers inside of me.

Is he not going to stop?
I look between him and Anna.

Oh god.


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