TOXIC … (18+) … Part 30




I look away from Anna who won’t stop throwing daggers at me and look round the house.

“My two wonderful sons. ”
A old man, at least about fifty comes out of the crowd and the two men scoffs.
I don’t think either of them fancy him.
The man looks exactly like Ryder. Not the bad boy style but the exact face so I guess this is Ryder father and Nick’s stepfather.

“Who’s this beautiful lady? ”
He smiles at me and everyone turn back to what they have been doing before we arrive.

I bow to the man and smile politely.
“Roxanne sir. Roxanne Brown. ”

“And are you the lady that captured both my two son’s heart for them to have brought you here? ”
He raises his brows and I chuckle.

“No Sir. I’m Mr Malik personal assistant and Ryder’s.. ”
I stop and look at him.
What am I to Ryder exactly? It’s not like we’re really friends but we are not enemies either.

“She’s just someone I know. ”
Ryder says with a frown and I gulp in.
Just someone he knows.

I nod and smile and a woman comes towards us. A little younger than the man but she’s looking so beautiful.
I know she’s Nick’s mother at first instant. They look so much alike.

“Nick. ”
She grins and I let go of Nick as he hugs his mother warmly. They seems pretty close.

“Mother ”
He replies and ryder scoffs.

“And who’s this beautiful young lady? ”
She smiles at me, pulling away from Nick.

I smile and bow to her and she returns my smile. She seems pretty nice.

“She’s Roxanne. My personal assistant. ”
Nick says and the woman stretch open her arms.
I let go of Ryder and get into her arms as she hugs me and kiss my hair.

“You’re really beautiful my dear. ”
She says after we disengage and I bow at her again.

“Ryder, I’m glad you made it. This means so much to me. ”
She gives Ryder a smile. She must love smiling a lot.

“Yea, I know. ”
My mouth falls open at Ryder’s rude comment but the woman just smile even harder at her.

“So you guys should enjoy the party. I’m gonna go say hello to few friends. ”
She hugs me once more before walking away with her husband.

“Your mother is really a nice woman. I like her. ”
I say to Nick who smiles at me.

“Yea, she is. ”

“I’m gonna go get a drink. ”
Ryder walks away and I look round the house to see Anna still staring at me. She looks beautiful with her hair packed and in the black strapless dress she’s putting on.

“Let’s go there. ”
Nick says and I nod before we both walk towards a table and I sit down, while he sits beside me.

“May I join you? ”
I raise my head to see Anna smiling at us.
I look away from her and Nick scoffs as she seats down.

Ryder joins us minutes later and he gives me a drink before sitting at my left.

I can feel Anna’s eyes on me the entire time.
I take a sip from the drink Ryder gave me and he drums his fingers against my thigh.

I look up at him and he smirks at me.
I scoff and look away while he continues to drum his fingers against my thigh.

Nick’s fingers draws small circles at the back, almost near my waist and I gulp in.
It’s weird and at the same time relaxing.

I gasp as a hand slid into my dress and up to my thigh.

Where did that hand came from?


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