TOXIC … (18+) … Part 3



I sigh and finally open the door, a lady with brown hair walking in the same time I walk out.

I grip harder to my handbag as I walk out of the building with my failure of course.
That didn’t go well at all. At least not like I had thought.

“Roxanne! ”
I hear someone call my name just as I was about to cross the road.
I turn back to see Jason walking up to me.

“Hey, you didn’t even say goodbye. ”
He frowns playfully and I chuckle.

“Yes, I’m so sorry. Was occupied. ”

“I understand so how was the interview? Did you got the job? ”
He asks, tucking his hands in his pocket and I shake my head slowly.

“Sadly, no. ”
I blurt out and he sighs.

“I’m so sorry about that. Wish you could have though, can I have your contact though? ”
I tilt my head playfully and he laughs.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna kill you over the phone. ”
He laugh again.

“You really don’t remember me, do you? ”
I raise my brows and he smiles warmly.

“Guess you really did never noticed me. Jason.. Jason Young. The guy with the big glasses sitting four chairs away from you in high school. ”
I was still confused until I gasp. Oh my freaking goodness!
Jason? The four eyes nerd?
Okay, this isn’t definitely how I remember him.
I can’t believe this is him. Jason, the same guy everyone at school back then makes fun of cause of his big glasses.
I always feel pity for him cause he’s always picked on and he rarely even talks.
It’s either his face is buried between his books or he is sitting alone under a tree.
How could I not have seriously noticed when he was telling me all those stories?

“Wow, you’ve changed so much. ”
I say when I finally find my voice.

“Decided to do something with my appearance. ”
Sure, he really did. I mean his green eyes are still there but he looks more handsome.
His brown hair is dyed black and pushed backwards instead of freely scattering down his face from then.
He has also grown taller, so yea he definitely changed.

“So can I have your contact Now? ”
He interrupts my thought and I shake my head.

“Gonna have to earn it, Young. ”
I wink playfully and finally cross the road with Jason’s eyes trailing behind me

I breathe out as i stare at my home, preparing myself for all the lectures I’m gonna get from my parents and insults from my sister.
I wish I never had to come back here, my life would have been so much easier.

I push the door open and drop my shopping bags on the floor. I got myself some new work clothes, even if I didn’t get accepted. I’m sure I would need them for when I get one.

“Look who is finally back. ”
Sophia is the first to talk and I roll my eyes after closing the door.

I grab the shopping bags and walk towards the stairs.

“I’m home. ”
I announce, taking a stair.

“We see that. How did your interview went? ”
Sophia teases me further and suddenly I want to smash her head against the wall she’s standing next to.

“Sophia, let her relax first. I’m sure she has had a long day. ”
First time my mother ever save me from Sophia.
I smile warmly at her before walking upstairs.

I’m already thinking of the many insults I’m gonna get from Sophia.
She is going to make everything hard for me.
Why the hell didn’t I get that damn job?

Technically, I don’t think you lost the job yet. Your boss did told you to come back tomorrow.

Yes and he didn’t exactly said I got it either. I’m sure he told me to come back to get back at me from slapping him.

So now you know slapping the boss is a bad choice.
My subconscious says sarcastically and I roll my eyes at her.

I walk inside the bathroom after pulling off my clothes.
I step under the shower and place my hand on the wall with my head bowed.
My life is so complicated. I can’t believe i lost that job.
I thought i had everything planned, I thought i had control of everything.
I took two years to make sure everything goes well and now this?
What could have possibly went wrong?

I mean personal benefits..

His stupid voice resounds in my head and I hiss slowly to nothing.
Personal benefits my foot!
Why would he want any personal benefit when I will be doing my job nicely? Oh I know. Cause he’s a jerk.
It still hurts I didn’t get it though.

There is no harm in going back tomorrow to find out, you know.

My sneaky subconscious found her way in again.

And get punished for slapping him? Thanks but no.

Oh please. Stop being such a crybaby and a coward. What happened to the girl that stood up for her pride?

She disappeared the moment I realized what I did. He could do so many things to me for ever daring to slap him.
I’m sure he’s got men everywhere.

Don’t you think he could have punish you if he wanted to instead of letting you leave?

I sigh and step out of the shower, ignoring my over confident subconscious.

I wrap a towel round my body and walk back into my room.

My phone vibrates on my bed and I pace across the room to get it. An unknown number.

I pick up and wait for the person to speak first.

“Roxanne? ”
That voice sounds so familiar.

“Jason here. ”
How did he..

“How did you got my number? ”
I say immediately and he chuckles.

“I have my ways. ”

“Why are you calling? ”
I sigh, walking over to my closet.

“Just to check up on you. ”
I chuckle.

“And? ”
I press on, knowing there’s definitely another reason.

“How do you know there’s a and? ”

“Oh come on, there’s always a and. ”
I shrug picking out my pyjamas.

“Okay, can I have dinner with you tomorrow? ”
He rush his words.

“I don’t know, let me think about it. ”

“Oh, it doesn’t necessarily have to be dinner though. We can just grab coffee, that’s if you’re not busy or maybe not tomorrow. It might be the day after tomorrow if that’s okay with you. It might even be next week and we don’t necessarily have to get coffee, we can go to a bar not like I’m trying to get you drunk or do anything stupid. We could.. ”

“Coffee sounds great. ”
I cut him off, saving him from his own dilemma and he sighs.

“Thank you for that, wouldn’t have stop talking. Goodnight Roxanne. ”

“You too. ”
I smile softly before dropping my phone on the bed.

I get into my pyjamas before walking out of my room to my family getting prepared.

Sophia is in the living room when I got back and mother is setting the table while father is nowhere to be found.

I help mother in setting the table and soon dad walk downstairs.

Sophia walk into the dining room and we all seat, ready to eat but my sister just thought it is alright to taunt me again.

“So sis, why don’t you tell us how your interview went at Queen’s global. I’m sure you got the job since you were so sure of yourself this morning. ”
She smirks and take a bite from her bread while I felt like just choking her.

“Right Roxanne. How did the interview goes? ”
Father asks and I sigh, dropping my fork.

“Oh dad please. She probably got the job. Right Roxy? Cause if you don’t, you will have no choice but to follow my order this time and go try Carter cooperate. ”
I grit my teeth together, knowing that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.

“I got the job. ”
And that came out of nowhere.
What the fuck?

“What? ”
Sophia drops her fork and I smirk at her.

“Yup. I got the job, going back there tomorrow. ”
Holy goodness. Why the hell can’t I stop talking already?

“Wow. That’s impressive of you Roxanne, I’m proud of you. ”
Mom smiles at me.

Someone is in trouble.

“Yes Roxy. That’s amazing, we’re proud of you. ”
Yea, expect I didn’t got the job.

“Well, since you got the job. I’m sure you’ll have somewhere to go from now on. ”

Oh Geez! She’s right.
Since my runny mouth already got me into trouble, what the hell do I do?
Where am I gonna go every morning?

Might as well go back there tomorrow.

Oh god. What have I done?


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