TOXIC … (18+) … Part 22




“Thanks for your terrible advice Steph. ”
I roll my eyes at her and she chuckles.

“Well, my advice is better than someone’s. ”
She says, referring to Bianca and therefore, getting a spoon from her.

“Geez, haven’t you seen someone this hot before that you can’t just keep your hands to yourself? ”
She rolls her eyes and I chuckle.

“Oh, I have a idea. ”
She suddenly says and I raise my head to look at her.

“Why don’t you just go with the two of them? ”
Yes. Wait, what?

“Are you joking? ”
I raise my brows at her and she shrugs.

“What? It’s possible. Be a Elena and go with the two guys.
Remember that party the Mikaaelsons were throwing in the Vampire Diaries and Elena was invited.
She ended up being a date to both Stephan and Damon so act like a Elena and take both guys. ”
She shrugs and I shake my head at her.

“Okay first. This isn’t the movies. I’m talking about my life here.
Second, Elena was dumb to have taken both two. She ended up making a terrible choice.
Third, hello? Do I look like Elena? ”
I roll my eyes.

“Elena wasn’t dumb. ”

“You want me to say she isn’t to someone who choose Damon over Stephan? ”
I raise my brows and she shrugs.

“Stephan had it coming to him. He was all boring and stuff. Elena wanted a nice good life.
C’mon live a little girl.
Damon is the lively one, the one that consumes her and challenges her. I’m sure we both want someone like that. Not Stephan who is just.. Stephan. ”
She rolls her eyes and I start to sit up.

“Sometimes in life, we want someone that’s peaceful. Someone that’s relaxed and makes us feel safe. That’s Stephan.
With Damon, it’s always trouble. He does stupid things and give her things that she shouldn’t be thinking about. Make her questions herself and all the dangerous stuffs. ”

“Okay, how did you guys went from advising to talking about the Vampire Diaries? ”
Bianca utters.

“We’re not done! ”
We both shout at her and she raises her hands up in surrender.

“Having things all peaceful is boring.
Live your life, do dangerous thing. Ride a good dick. Break the rules. Do a lot of illegal stuffs. Be free, be lively.
That’s what made Damon better than Stephan. ”
She says and I want to talk again but when I realized we’re already both on our feet and people around are staring at us, I sit back down and sigh.

“This doesn’t mean I agreed to you. ”
I say to her and she sighs.

“You know I’m right. Damon is the best for Elena, that’s why she ended up with him, poor little Stephan died didn’t he? ”
She says with a smirk and I roll my eyes at her.

What if she’s right?
There’s nothing wrong with it.
What if I be a Elena for tonight and take the two guys as a date?


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