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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 21

4 min read




“Why are you asking by the way? Did she told you when she dragged you off earlier? ”
Bianca asks and I shake my head.

“Well, sort of. She threatened me not to get too close to him. ”
I mutter, leaving the part about where boss asked me to a date out.
Is it really a date? I can’t believe he’s taking me to meet his mother.
What if Anna is just lying so i wouldn’t go with him. There’s Ryder too, he didn’t tell me where we’re going. Just said he will pick me up.
I don’t even know who to go with amongst the two of them.
Oh god! When did my life turned so complicated?

“That bitch. I knew it wasn’t good news when she dragged you off earlier. ”
Stephanie hisses and I turn to her.

“I thought you love her. you were taking about her being so gorgeous in her dress earlier. ”
I raise my brows at her and she chuckles.

“Yea, she’s beautiful, nice and all that but she’s a pussy. Doesn’t know when to let go of a dick.”
She rolls her eyes and I groan.

“Steph.. ”
I warn her and she chuckles.

“it’s just a word. Stop being so sensitive about it. ”
She shrugs and I glare at her.

“Yea, a foul word that shouldn’t be used anyhow. ”
I mutter, taking out of my chips.

“I wonder if you’ve ever had a dick in your vagina or you’re just pretending to be a saint. ”
She said and the chips come right back out of my mouth.
Oh Geez! She didn’t just said that.

“Steph! ”
I groan louder and she chuckles.

“So I was right. You’re a virgin mary, Bobby I told you didn’t I? ”
She turns to Bianca who hits her.

“I told you to stop calling me Bobby, the name is Bianca idiot! ”
She snaps and I laugh.

“Guys.. ”
I call and they both turn to me.

“I have a question. Actually I need a advice. If.. ”
I look at them and they both gesture for me to continue.

“Well if a guy asked you on a date. Well, not exactly asked you and it isn’t a date.
Let’s just say he told you you’re gonna go a a party together and left.
Minutes later, the guy’s stepbrother came and asked you on a date.. Ordered you actually. At the same day and the same time, what would you do? ”
I raise my brows to look at them and they’re shocked too.

“Fuck! That’s a situation. ”
I nod.

“Well, who asked you first? I think you should go with the one who asked you first.
you know, first come, first served. ”
Bianca says and Steph rolls her eyes.

“You’re so boring, don’t mind her. Go with the younger stepbrother. ”
She says, chopping chips into her mouth.

“Why younger step brother? ”

“Cause they’re always the hotter ones, duh? ”
She says as a mater of factly and I roll my eyes at her.

“I was joking but seriously, go with the one that has a good dick so you might get your cherry popped before you come back. ”
She winks and Bianca hits her head.

“Thanks for that. ”
I smile at her and Steph glares at the both of us.

Which should I go with? Ryder or Nick?

Nick is my boss and he’s got a crazy Anna who wants him.

Ryder is Nick’s stepbrother and Nick will definitely get angry if he finds out I went with his stepbrother.

Damn! This is frustrating me.

Ryder or Nick?


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