TOXIC … (18+) … Part 20




“He’s taking you to meet his mother. ”
The words resounds in my head and I shrug it off.

That’s impossible. Why would he take me to meet his mother?
That’s just nonsense.

“No, that’s not true. ”
I shake my head and she rolls her eyes.

“Do I look like someone who jokes around, Roxanne?
His mother just arrived in the states and he’s supposed to take me together with him but I can’t, we had a fight which is why he decides to take you with him but you can’t go.
You’ll be acting like his girlfriend which is totally impossible. You’re just a person assistant. ”
She says, looking down at me before taking her gaze to my eyes.

This isn’t just making up. Why would Mr Malik take me to his mother’s?

“But.. ”
My eyes shoot up at her immediately.
“If you want to, you can. i won’t stop you, just know you’re gonna get yourself in trouble cause I won’t watch while you take my place and I can be very dangerous. ”
Excuse me?

With that, she just walks away while I’m left there shocked as hell.
Did. Did she just said that?
Where did that girl come from?
where’s the sweet Anna I met before?


“A penny for your thought, rox? ”
Steph voice jots me out of my thoughts and I look up at her smiling.

I still can’t get everything Anna said out of my head and it’s so frustrating.

“Can I ask you guys something? ”
I mutter as I play with the fork and they both look at each other better nodding.

“Who’s Anna to Mr Malik? ”
I ask and they both sigh at the same time.
What was that for?

“Anna, I guess you find out. ”
Find out what?

“What’s it? ”
I ask, dropping my fork and looking at the both of them.

“She’s into him. ”
Wait, what?

“Anna is just a crazy beautiful bitch who wants to fuck her boss. ”
Stephanie says maybe a little too loudly that everyone in the restaurant turns to our table.

“What? I wasn’t talking to you fuckers. Freedom of speech, Nigga? ”
She says cockily and Bianca hit her.

“We’re very sorry. ”
Bianca and I say together to the ones who glares at her and they turn away.

“Madam. Please can you keep it low? ”
A waiter walk to us, looking at Stephanie who scoffs.

“Steph.. ”
I warn her when I see she’s about to say something.

“Thank you. We will. ”
I smile at the young man who smiles back before walking away.

“About Anna.. What do you mean she’s into him? ”
I turn back to them.

“Well, according to what I know. They used to be together. ”
Steph shrugs and eats out of her fries.

“Like dating? ”
I raise my brows. No surprise she wanted me to decline.

“Well, not exactly dating. Sex buddies.. ”
Bianca says and my eyes widens.

What the…?

“That was long before she came to the company.
Nick got tired of her wide pussy and told her to bitch off but buddy wasn’t ready to give up the dick so she clung unto him.
Came to the office for a job and got lucky cause nick father was around at that time.
She has eyes on him and won’t give up. ”
Steph shrugs.

“Plus she’s ready to kill anyone that gets in her way. I don’t blame her sorry ass though. Who would have a taste of boss and not want more?
That Nigga is dropping hot. ”

Oh god.
What exactly have I gotten myself into?


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