TOXIC … (18+) … Part 2


I look up at the big building in front of me.
Queens global is brightly highlighted over the glass above and it’s beautiful.

I breathe out and nod to nothing.
Yes, I can do this.
Of course I can do this.

I walk inside the big building and a small gasp slip through my mouth.

Yea, I’ve expected it to be big, elaborate and all that, but I never expected it to be this gorgeous.

I smile to nothing and walk towards the lady at the desk.
“Good morning, welcome to Queens global. How may I help you? ”
She says with a huge grin on her face.
I have a slight idea that she’s forcing it but who cares? She’s just doing her job.

“Um, morning. I have a interview here at eight. ”
I say flatly and she directs me to take a seat next to others that are probably also here for the interview.
It’s such a long line. I would have probably been here earlier if it hadn’t been for Sophia’s early morning drama.

The door suddenly opens and a tall lady with brunette hair run out, looking kinda down. Guess she didn’t get the job.

I sigh and close my eyes. This better works for me, it has to. I have to get this job.

“Hi.. ”
I thought i was imagining things until the voice came again.

I open my eyes and turn to my left. The guy smiles at me but I don’t think I know him.

“Yes, you don’t know me. Just trying to bring up conservation to escape being bored. ”
He shrugs and I nod.

Why don’t you talk to the one next to you and leave me the hell alone to focus on my interview.

I almost yell at him but I decided against it. That would be too rude when all he’s trying to do is being nice.

“I guess. ”
I finally say after a long silence.

“So why Queens global? I mean there are a thousand companies you could easily go for, why this one? ”
I stare at him, slightly confused at his weird question.

Isn’t it the same reason for everyone? The fact that it’s the best company in town?

“Probably the same as you, I’m guessing. ”
I respond and he chuckles.

“Oh no, that’s an invalid answer. My reason isn’t probably the same as yours”

“Let’s say. Maybe cause it’s the best and my dream company to work at. ”
I shrug and he nods, looks away then look back at me.

Within minutes later and I’m already laughing my ass out. Jason, which I found out is the name of the guy next to me kept telling me some terrible jokes which surprisedly made me laugh and I’m oblivious to what happening around me.

“Trust me. I got flipped over again, I almost begged her- no bribed her to stay. ”

He’s currently telling me about his bad luck in high school. It’s such a funny story I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Roxanne Brown. ”

The woman who has been calling names called mine and I stop laughing instantly.
“That’s me. ”
I almost shout, getting up.

“Good luck to you Roxanne. ”
Jason smiles at me and I nod at him before walking into the office.

All my courage disappeared to be replaced by anxiety, especially since everyone has been coming out of this same office either crying or looking really really sad.
What’s the assurance the same thing won’t happen to me?
Maybe this is gonna be hard than I thought.

Deep breaths Roxanne.

Deep breaths Roxanne.

You can do this.

You will do this.

I look up and my breathing hitched immediately my eyes met him.

Control Roxy.
Control, you have to get the job.
Not fangirl over your boss.

I bow a little and walk forward, taking a seat across from him.

He look up at me, his blue eyes staring at me, almost knocking the breath out of me.

“Roxanne Brown? ”
His tone is harsh so I decide to ignore the looks and face what I’m here for.

“That’s me. ”
I whisper, maybe a little too low.

“What made you think you’re qualified to work here? ”
Okay. Nice question, blunt and nice.

“My qualifications speaks for me. I had a 4.0 in… ”

“I wasn’t speaking about your qualifications. ”
He cuts me off and I raise my brows. “There are lots of people that have nice and perfect qualifications from school but are not totally perfect to work here. What makes you think you are? ”
Okay, I wasn’t expecting that question. I thought my GPA would be enough.

“Um.. I’m loyal and would work here honestly. I. Um, I would do my job diligently also and you won’t regret allowing me to work here. ”
I breathe out. I wasn’t prepared for that question.

“I see. ”
He mutters and suddenly got up from his chair. He walk across to me and leans down, close to my ear. His hot breath on my face and I’m trembling inside.

“Then what benefit will you be to me? ”
He whispers in my ear before pulling away and I look up at him.

What does he mean by that?
“I don’t understand Sir. I guess it depends on the position of the job you give to me. ”
But I’m hoping it’s either a secretary or personal assistant.
I almost add. What other nice jobs are there in a company?

Accounting? No.

Managing director? Can’t do.

IT department? Sure I’m not so good with researches.

So yes, it’s either a personal assistant or a secretary.

Or maybe a cleaner.
My subconscious adds.

He turns my chair around and I’m close to his face. Too close.
I try to whirl the chair a little back to create some space but he grips the chair hardly, making it impossible to do so.

“I mean personal benefit, Roxanne. ”
He smirks and move to my ear. He give it a small bite and I shiver.

Is this..
Is he…
Is this what I think it is? Is he coming unto me?

What the…

Before I can stop myself, I pull him back and my palm collides with his cheek.

He stands immediately and look down at me with red eyes.

I’m sure slapping your boss when you badly need the job isn’t a solution.

I’m never getting this job.

“I’m not sure what you think you’re doing but whatever it is, I’m not that kind of a woman.”

Woman, really? Oh please stop flattering yourself, you’re just twenty-three. Still a girl.

“If you think I’m gonna do that for the job then you’re mistaken. You can as well keep your job.”

So much for I will get the job, uh?
My subconscious mock me in Sophia’s voice.

I shake my head and grab my bag, heading towards the door.

“Wait. ”
He suddenly says and I turn back, his hands are now in his pocket.

“Come back here tomorrow Miss Brown. ”
He stated flatly and I’m confused.

Did I…

“No, you haven’t got the job here but you’re gonna find out tomorrow. Come back here at ten.
You may go. ”

And I open the door,walking out.
Why would he want me to come back if I’m not gonna get the job?

Maybe to arrest you for having the guts to slap him.

And I’m panicking again. Why the hell did I slap him? I should have just push him away.

I don’t think I’m ever gonna come back here.


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