TOXIC … (18+) … Part 18



I sigh before sitting down on my chair.
How can I go on a date with two guys on the same day and at the exact same time?

That’s just insane.
I can’t. Why won’t Ryder just listen?

I breathe out before grabbing my purse and walking out of my office.

I knock on Bianca’s door and made sure I heard a come in before walking inside.

“Hey you. You look busy. ”
I smile at her and she nods before looking up at me then taking her gaze back to her computer.

“There are these files I need to work on. I must submit it to boss today or I’m toasted. ”
I nod and take a seat next to her.

“I think maybe you should get Stephanie first then you both can join me here. ”
I smile and nod, getting back up before walking down the stairs to Stephanie’s office.

“I already told you. I’m not into you! Why won’t you just accept that and leave me the Fuck alone! ”
Stephanie’s voice yells from inside and I wonder who she’s talking to.

No, I shouldn’t ease drop but it sounds so juicy and I’m here to get Stephanie.
Should I just walk in or what?

I decide to go by knocking. Just walking in when she’s in there with someone doing god knows what will be too rude.

“Who’s it? ”
Her voice comes out and I open the door, peeping my head in.

She smiles when she saw me and ask me to come in.
I walk in and there’s no one in here. Oh, she’s on the phone.

“For goodness sake dude, stop calling me! ”
She yells before standing up and grabbing her purse.

“I’m so sorry about that ”
She waves her phone to me and I shake my head.

“Nah. I understand. ”

“Are you ready? Where’s Bianca? ”
She asks.

“Still busy in her office so she’s having us meet her there. ”
I tell her and she nods as we both walk out of the office only to bump into Ryder on the way.

“Oh, sorry. ”
Steph says grinning like a idiot. Of course she’ll do that. He’s all handsome and all.

“It’s okay miss ”
He purposely smiles at me and I scoff.

“Anything wrong Roxanne? ”
He turns to me and I roll my eyes.

“Let’s go ”
I drag Stephanie away with all the strength I had in me cause she wasn’t ready to leave.

“Don’t forget tonight! ”
Ryder yells and I roll my eyes before letting go of Steph.

“you guys are going somewhere tonight? Are you guys seeing each other? ”
She grins.

“What? No! ”
I tell her sharply and she narrows her eyes at me.

“I’m serious. We aren’t. ”
I assure her and she nods.

“If I can have only just a one night stand with that guy. I would be so glad, Fuck! He’s so hot. Make me dripping wet just by staring at him. ”
I roll my eyes at her foul words.

“Do you know him? ”

“Not really but I’ve seen him twice or thrice. I don’t think he works here. ”
She Shrugs and we both enter Bianca’s office who’s already packing her things.

“I thought you guys won’t come anymore. You were taking too long. ”
She rolls her eyes and we chuckle.

“Someone was checking a guy out. That’s why we got late.”
I tease.

“Really, who? ”
She asks and I nod my head towards Steph.

“Bianca, you won’t believe I saw Ryder today. He was so hot. ”
She squeaks and I roll my eyes.

“Really? I can’t believe i missed that, that guy is goddamned hot looking. ”

We passed Anna’s office and I noticed I haven’t seen her today.
I wonder what happened?
“Can I talk to you? ”
A voice says from behind and I turn back to see Anna.
Wow.. She’s really beautiful like Stephanie said.
I smile and look at her but I noticed she isn’t smiling at me.
I think something is wrong.


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