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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 16

5 min read



I arch my brows before carrying my legs to go sit on my chair.
What just happened?
Party? Dress beautiful? His date? What party exactly and why do I have to be his date?

Or maybe it’s just to a business party. I’m so confused and he didn’t even give me much details. This is so frustrating right now.

I sigh and open my computer to start the job for today.


The past few hours have been really uncomfortable and awkward.
Everytime I had to go to his office, I keep remembering about the date and mister Malik doesn’t even seem the least concern about it.
Maybe I’m thinking too much into this, it’s probably just a business party. Why else would he take me to any other party?

It’s finally lunch time and I haven’t seen Jason since I arrived which is quite a weird thing.

I carry myself on my feet and walk out of the office with my phone in my hand.

I walk towards the IT department and I knock on the door, only entering after I heard a come in.

Jason is sitting on the chair with his face buried in a book. He must be really busy, the first two buttons of his shirt are popped out and his hair looks wet probably from sweating.

“You look really busy. ”
I mutter when he doesn’t seem to notice me.

“Rox, it’s you. I didn’t see you there. ”
He smiles, standing up from his seat and I shake my head.

“you were too busy dipping your head into that computer. ”
I tease and he chuckles.

“Sorry, there’s just something I have to find out but I am not getting it yet. That’s kind of frustrating me. ”
I smile and nod.

“Yes it can be really frustrating when you have to know something but you just can’t. ”
I smile and he nods.

“I didn’t even notice it’s lunch already. ”
He chuckles.

“It’s okay. I will just eat with the girls if you’re busy and I might bring something for you when I’m coming back. ”

“really? I would love that. You made friends already? ”
He raise his brows and I nod.

“Just few. ”
I shrug and he grins at me, nodding.

“I will leave you to your job. ”
I nod my head to the computer and he nods.

“Thanks for checking up on me. ”
I assure him it’s nothing and stand up, walking to the door but stop halfway through.

“Hey Jason, do you know if there’s a business party tonight? ”
I ask him and he tilts his head to the side as if he’s thinking about it.

“A business party? No I don’t think so. I don’t really know either cause I don’t go to business parties. IT isn’t needed there, why asking though? ”
I shake my head.

“Nothing. Just thought I would ask, heard something about party or so ”
I smile at him before walking out of the door.

Of course he won’t know if there’s a business party.
Why am I thinking about this too much? I will just find out tonight where we are going.

I am about to walk down the stairs when I remember I didn’t take my purse.
I slap my forehead before retracing my footsteps and walking towards the direction of my office when I noticed it isn’t exactly like I left it.

It’s slightly open. Really? Is there a party going on in my office or what?
Why do they keep coming in, I think I need to start locking it.

I open the door and walk in to see Ryder sitting on my desk.
His eyes meets mine and he smirks at me while I walk in uncomfortably.

“I thought you went to lunch with your boyfriend. Was gonna wait till you come back. ”
He smiles and I shake my head.

“He isn’t my boyfriend. Why are you here? ”
I cross my arms against my chest and he shrugs.

“You didn’t deny when I said it yesterday ”
He says and I roll my eyes at him earning a chuckle.

“Why are you here Ryder, what do you want? ”

“You. ”
He stated flatly and my eyes widens while he chuckles at my expression.

“Relax, that isn’t what I meant. I need something from you. ”
He says and I arch my brows.

“What’s that? ”

“Promise me you’ll do it first. ”
He gets up from the desk and walk toward me.

“It depends on what it is and whether it’s within my capacity to do it. ”
I mutter.

“It is. ”

“Just tell me what it is Ryder. ”
I groan and he chuckles before staring into my eyes.

“Go on a date with me tonight. ”


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