TOXIC … (18+) … Part 15



I open my office door and my eyes widens at the unexpected guest that’s sitting comfortably on my chair.

“Sir… ”
I walk in immediately closing the door behind me.
I haven’t expected mister Malik to be here, what could he be doing here?

I thought he wasn’t here in the building yet. Talking with Bianca and Stephanie actually delayed me.

“Hello miss Brown. ”
He smile at me, getting up from his seat.

“You look beautiful. ”
He says and my cheeks flush.

Get a grip of yourself Roxanne! He’s your boss!

“Thank you sir. Good morning sir. What are you doing here if I may ask. ”
I finally walk toward the desk and drop my bag and cup of coffee on the desk.

“Why? I can’t visit my personal assistant anymore ? ”
He raises his brows and I chuckle, shaking my head.

“No, nothing like that Sir. I was just wondering what could have happened that you came here yourself and not call me. ”
I chuckle but his face holds a serious one so I stop.

“When you came to a interview here miss Brown. What did you promised to do? ”
Uh? I didn’t promised to do anything.
He was the one who asked me..
Wait! Is he asking about that thing again?

I move away immediately, creating as much space as possible between the two of us.

He laugh and shake his head.
“I thought I told you that was just a game, nothing more. Why are you thinking about it again?
That isn’t what I’m talking about. ”
Oh, I had thought it is.
What then could he be talking about?
What did I promised him?

“The part where you promised to be diligent and.. ”

Oh, that one.

“Yes sir, I promised to be loyal and hardworking including being faithful to you. ”
I mutter and he tilts his head to the side.

“Then why are you not doing that Miss Brown. ”
What? Did I do something wrong already.

“I told you to bring me a cup of coffee yesterday, didn’t I? ”
He raise his brows and I nod.

“Then why didn’t you? ”

“Miss Anna. She told me not to worry but just go back to my office since she’s coming to you together with coffee. ”
I explained. Did Anna stood me up? She didn’t give him the coffee?

“Is Miss Brown my personal assistant or you are? ”
He raises his brows, taking a step towards me and I gulp in.

“Me sir. ”
I mutter under my breath.

“Then do well in following my instructions. ”
I nod and he begins to walk towards me again. What’s he doing?

“I actually find you quite interesting Miss Brown. I don’t know why. ”
He smirks and continue moving towards me while I move backwards.

My back hit the wall and there’s nowhere to go anymore.
Oh god! What’s he trying to do?
Don’t tell me…

Relax Roxanne. Relax, it’s probably nothing. This is probably one of his games.
Relax, don’t slap your boss. Don’t do it.

I tell myself as I swallow the bile that’s rising in my throat.

He place his hand above my head on the wall and I gulp in as his blue eyes stares into mine.
He moves closer and we are just inches apart from each other.

He stares at me and I try my best not to fix my gaze on him.
His entire cologne fills the air and it’s a wonderful scent as his tall frame towers over mine.

He chuckles and the tip of his finger meets with my jaw.
My body trembles at the touch and I raise my head to look at him.

What’s he doing?

He inches closer to me and our lip are just few inches away from each other. Am I not going to do anything.

“I except the slap by now. ”
He whispers in my ear before pulling away and smiling at me.

“I see you have learnt to control your anger. ”
He chuckles and push himself away from me.

My anger?

“I mean your protective instinct whenever a man gets close. ”
He chuckles again and I bite the inside of my cheeks to prevent myself from saying anything cause I can’t even think of anything to say and if I do say something, it’ll be nonsense.

“Prepare yourself tomorrow night Miss Brown. ”
My eyes shoot at him. Prepare?

“Prepare for what, Sir? ”
I ask. My voice small and unsure.
He chuckles and I don’t know why.

“Am I still affecting you? ”
He raise his brows and I look away from him.

“Dress up for a party. I will have someone pick you up at eight. ”
A party? Why is he going to a party and why am I following him to a party?

“Why are we going to a party sir?”
I ask and he shakes his head before heading towards the door.

“Dress beautiful and not hot. You’re gonna be my date to the party. ”
With that he leave and I’m left astounded


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