TOXIC … (18+) … Part 14



I walk inside the building and breathe out a sigh of relief before walking to the coffee making machine.

“Good morning rox. ”
Bianca greets me with a cup in her hand.
She’s one of the few friends I made yesterday and she’s pretty nice.
She has dark short hair which looks more like a Bob and gray eyes that makes her look extraordinarily beautiful.
She’s neither chubby nor robust and she’s at least a feet taller than me.
She’s really beautiful and very nice.
Before I came to this company, I had thought the staffs there will be rude and mean to themselves but the exact opposite is happening.
I’ve been proven wrong. They are nice and really relaxed. They feel like one big family.

“Good morning anca.”
I greet her with a smile before grabbing a cup and placing it down then turning on the machine.

“You look quite beautiful this morning I must say. Trousers are definitely your thing. ”
She winks at me and I chuckle.
Sophia is definitely a mood ruiner. She once told me that I look terrible in pants like some old woman which is why most times, I’m always putting on skirts but how could I have believed her? Had she ever told me anything good for me in her entire life?
Sometimes I feel like we are not from the same parents cause we behave more like enemies and less like sisters.
If it were up to me, I would definitely like everything going on to end.
Her hating me for no particular reason but I. Know it started from her side so it isn’t left to me to end it.
It’s left to her.

“Hello babes. You both look quite good. ”
Stephanie walks in and I turn off the machine before sipping from the coffee. Exactly what I need.
Sophia ruined my breakfast but this definitely makes up for it.

“Hey Bobby. ”
She winks at Bianca who groans at her.

“Please, don’t start this morning Steph and I told you to stop calling me that ridiculous nickname. ”
Bianca snaps and Steph shrugs before passing her cup to me and I place it down before turning on the machine.

“Why? It suits you perfectly you know. Your hair is Bob after all. ”
Steph shrugs and Bianca growls.
I know Steph is just at looking for Bianca’s trouble but she doesn’t know that.
The two are always acting like cat and rat even though they really love each other.

I pass the cofeee back to Steph and she takes a sip before winking at Bianca who rolls her eyes at her.

“Have you guys seen Anna today,? ”
Bianca coos, her eyes glistening.

“No, why? ”

“She totally rocks the baby doll dress she’s putting on. ”
She grins and I shake my head.
What’s baby doll dress again?

“I’m going up guys . See you at lunch. ”
I bade goodbye to the girls before taking the elevator to my floor.

I walk down the hallway before arriving at NY office and I open the door while holding the coffee in one hand.

I walk in and close the door behind then turn only to see a unexpected guest sitting comfortably on my chair.


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