TOXIC … (18+) … Part 13



The loud sound of my alarm wakes me up and I sigh before rolling on the bed, using the pillow to cover my ears.

It rings again and I groan loudly, standing up and stretching my arm across to turn it off.

I stretch my arms and legs before standing up from the bed and walking straight into the bathroom.
I packed my hair in a ponytail before brushing my teeth.

I step under the shower after pulling off my clothes and let the water cool down my nerves.
I walk out of the bathroom with a towel wrap round my waist and I stand in front of my dresser to cream my body when my phone vibrates on the bed.
I drop the lotion and walk to it, it’s a good morning text from Jason.
I replied the text before walking back to the dressing mirror.
I rub my skin with the lotion and dried my hair with the towel before putting on my underwear. I decide to go with a Jean and a white T-shirt.
I hope it’s acceptable but Anna was wearing the same thing yesterday so this shouldn’t be a problem.
I brush my hair and pack it into a ponytail before grabbing my bag and stuffing it with things I will need.
I grab my phone and walk out of the room only to see everyone at the dining already.

“Good morning mother. Good morning dad. ”
I kiss both their cheeks before taking a seat across from Sophia who’s smirking at me.

What does she has in mind this time?

I apply jam to my bread and bite into it as silence fills the room and I couldn’t be anymore grateful.

“So Roxanne.. ”
Sophia speaks up and I sigh. Just when I thought today will go without her constant troubles.

“I was wondering since you now work at queens global. When are you gonna move out of here? ”
I haven’t even thought of moving out.
Okay I had but not until the end of the month.
Why is she bringing it up now?

“Why are you asking me that? ”
I drop the bread and take a sip from my glass of milk.

“Let’s see maybe because you’re overstaying your days here.
Common Roxy, you are grown up already. Why are you still under your parents roof? ”
She raise her brows and I laugh so hard that my ribs starts to hurt.

Is she kidding me? I’m grown up?
It’s more like she’s talking about herself.

“Oh poor you Sophia. Are you talking to me or yourself?
You’re the one that’s overstaying your days sister.
You’re a year older so what exactly are you still doing here? ”
I cross my arms against my chest and watch as she fumes in anger.

“You fucking cunt! I should kill you dirty bitch and dumb you ass at the river right away, you bitch!
I’m sure that job you’re proud of, you made your way through it right?
Why don’t you just tell everyone here that you allowed your damn boss to fuck you just so you could get your job?! ”
She yells. Her true colors are finally showing.

“Sophia! Language! ”
Mother yells at her and she groans before sitting down still glaring at me.

“I don’t have to Fuck my boss like you did to get my job.
Get that into your skull! ”
With that, I grab my bag and walk out of the house. Not bothering to say any other thing.

Thanks to her, I didn’t even get to eat breakfast.
Thanks for much for ruining the day for me Sophia.

It can’t get any more worse than it is.


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