TOXIC … (18+) … Part 12



“Who is he and why was he in your office? ”
Jason asks as we descend down the stairs and it got me to realize that I’m the only one that knows who Ryder is around here.
Not that’s know him that much either but still.

“No one in particular. ”
I shrug, looking around maybe I could find Anna. I actually like the lady.
She’s beautiful and quite nice.

“Then why was he in your office? ”
He asks again and I sigh
“No reason Jason. Can we just forget about Ryder?”
I sigh, getting tired of the topic already.

“I know I’m overreacting but I’m just advising you as a friend.
He looks dangerous Roxanne, I don’t think you should get involved with that kind of guy. ”
I nod to indicate that I’m listening and we finally get out of the building and walk down the street.

We enter a restaurant and order our foods.

“This smells nice. ”
I mouth as I chew the food and Jason smiles.

“Of course. Their food are the best here. ”
He winks and I chuckle before taking the macaroni in my mouth again.

“Why are you like that in high school anyways? Why not like like this? ”
I raise my brows and he chuckles.

“And by that, you mean acting weak and being so defenseless? ”
He asks and I nod.
He was pretty weak in high school.
I remember the day a student in class threw a paper at the teacher and lied on him that he threw it. When all the class defended him that he wasn’t the one, the teacher asked him and he just burst out crying making the teacher believe he’s the culprit.
I feel like he’s weak and stupid and can’t defend himself when he’s falsely accused.

“No reason actually. I just don’t like trouble. ”
He shrug and I laugh
It’s funny when he says it like that.


“Thanks for letting me take you to lunch Roxanne. ”
He smiles and I shake my head.

“It’s nothing Jason. It’s such a lunch and I actually enjoyed it. Thanks for taking me there, it’s fun.”
I assure him and he smiles, rubbing the back of his neck and I know he wants to ask something again.

“Then. Um.. Can, can I take you on another date then maybe lunch or dinner? ”
He looks at me and I smile at his nervousness. It’s actually cute to see him like this.

“Sure. ”
I smile and his eyes shoot up at me.

“you mean that,? ”
His eyes brightens and I nod twice while he grins.

“Thanks so much Roxanne. ”
He hugs me and I chuckle, assuring him it’s nothing.

“I will leave you to do your job now. ”
He kiss my cheek before walking away and I walk in my office.

Lunch actually went great. Jason told some jokes that had me cracking all the way tilled I reached my office.
He’s really a great company and a good friend.

The day end and I hail a cab home, refusing Jason’s offer to drive me home.
I need to get my car too soon.
My first day at work is actually quite great and I’m happy it went well though I can’t stop thinking about Ryder.
I don’t even know why exactly I’m thinking about him but I just can’t get those eyes of his off my mind and it’s really frustrating.
When you don’t want to think about something but that thing just keeps coming to mind.
That’s exactly how it feels.

I walk inside and Sophia is home already.

“Our hero is here.”
He teases and I roll my eyes before closing the door behind me.

“I’m home. ”
I tell father and mother.

“Welcome home dear. How was work? ”
Mum smiles at me and I return it.

“it was fine. Went great. ”
It actually went great. Didn’t it?

“Are you sure about that sister or you’re just covering it up? ”

“Sophia, don’t start again. ”
I’m surprised when dad say that and I stick out my tongue to Sophia, laughing all the way to my room.
I can’t believe father cut her off. Today is really so great.

I had dinner with my parents and Sophia actually keeps quiet through the entire dinner, probably cause dad shut her off earlier.
I retreat to my room after dinner.
I shower and come out of the bathroom before getting into my pyjamas.
I plop down on my bed when my phone vibrates. A making sure I got home safe and goodnight text.
I smile and text him back before dropping the phone back and setting my alarm.
I close my eyes and my dream is fill with the image of a dark eyes guy smiling as he gets his own first tattoo.


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