TOXIC … (18+) … Part 11



I can’t believe my eyes as Ryder walks through the door and smile at me.
Am I seeing things or what?
Why is he there? And why is he smiling at me?

“Ryder.. ”
I mouth as I rise slowly from my seat and he nods his head.

“Why are you looking at me as if you’ve just seen a ghost. ”
He raises his brows and I shake my head before he sits down across from me. I sit back and stare at him. Why is he here?
What is he doing here?
I thought he left like hours ago, why is he here again and why don’t I want to think about what I feel about that?

“You’re doing a really good job, I see. ”
He says and rest his legs on my desk and all I could do was to just nod.
It feels as if my tongue has been cut off and my brain had been turned to mush.
I can’t think of anything to say and I don’t think I want to say anything either.
I just don’t know how I feel right now.
It’s like I’ve having mixed feelings.
Part of me had wanted him to be here, to apologize for how I ruined his mood earlier this morning but the other part of me that is sensible and has a brain to think and extraordinarily careful . The part that doesn’t want to get acquainted with this guy with piercings and tattoos in front of him wants him gone and I’m confused about what exactly to do.
I never got confused about anything before.
But now, I don’t know neither what to say nor what to do.

“Why are you staring at me like that? ”
He asks, snapping me out of my thoughts and I shake my head.
I didn’t realize I have been staring at him while lost in thought.
Jason should be here any moment from now.

“Why are you here? ”
I finally ask when I find my voice.

“Why? Don’t you want me here? ”
He raises his brows and I keep mute.
I don’t have the answer to that question either.

“I will take that as a yes. Actually I’m waiting for someone and I thought I could use you to pass away time. ”
He shrugs and I nod before tapping my fingers on the desk.
I don’t feel so comfortable with him around and strangely, a awkward silent sits between us.
Me drumming my fingers against the desk while trying to avoid his gaze and him watching me avoid him.

“Don’t you have to go to lunch or something? ”
He finally asks after what seems like forever and I nod once.
Where’s Jason? He should be here by now.

“Yea, I will. I am just.. ”
My words is cut short when a knock comes to the door and I look at Ryder before standing up, walking to the door just to avoid the awkwardness.
I open the door and Jason smiles brightly at me.

“Hey, I’m sorry I’m late. I got caught up with something. ”
He sighs and I smile before opening the door widely for him to come in.
“It’s fine, you don’t have to apologize. ”
I mutter and close the door behind me, shifting from one leg to another.

“So, are you ready for lunch or.. ”
He trails off when he sees Ryder and I sigh.

“Um, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you have a visitor. I will come back.. ”

“No, it’s nothing. I’m just waiting for you, I’ll grab my jacket. ”
I smile at him before walking to my desk and grabbing my jacket together with my phone since I don’t know how late we would be.

“Hi, Im Jason. ”
Jason smiles brightly at Ryder extending his hand for a handshake and Ryder looks at it before smiling.

“Ryder. I will leave you to your girlfriend. ”
He smiles and I scoff.
He thinks Jason is my boyfriend? Funny.

“I’m not his…”

“Alright. ”
Jason says. What?
Did he just agreed to the fact that I’m his girlfriend?

Breathe girl. It’s nothing, just a silly title.

My subconscious jumps in and I sigh before crossing my arms against my chest, watching the two man.

“Can you both get out. I need to close the office. ”
I mouth to them when I see that none is willing to make a move, just glaring at each other for a reason I can’t point out.
Jason is my friend… Or let’s say my high school classmate I just found and Ryder.. Well Ryder is no one so I don’t actually see a reason why they ate like this.

Ryder smirks before walking out, followed by Jason and I followed behind before closing the door.

“Let’s go. ”
Jason mutters and I nod at him, only to look back to see dark eyes piercing into mine.


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