TOXIC … (18+) … Part 10



I walk back up the stairs to my office and my mouth drops open when I open the door and see who is sitting on my chair with a smile on his face.
What is it with guys and my office?

“Jason, what are you doing here? ”
I utter as I enter the room, closing the door behind me.

“Realized today is your first day at work so I thought I would come say hello. ”
He shrug, standing up from the chair and I nod before dropping the cup on the desk.

“So you came all the way here to this building just to say hello? ”
I raise my brows, taking off my jacket and he shakes his head.

“You don’t know I work here, do you? ”
My mouth part slightly by itself and I close it back before blinking my eyes twice.
He works here but how? And how come I’m just knowing this?

“I didn’t know but how come you’re here? ”
I mutter as I take the cup back from the desk.

“I did came for the interview then right? ”
He says and I nod. That’s right, we both came for the interview. “I got accepted and I work here as a IT. ”
I smile and nod before bringing the cup to my lips to take a sip.

“That’s nice. ”
I mutter, gazing at the wrist watch. Just one more minute before my work as a personal assistant starts.

“I should probably leave. I don’t think Mr Malik would be so happy seeing me here. ”
He laughs and I join him before he walk to the door.
“Thanks for checking on me jax.”
I smile at him and he open the door.
“And oh, Jason. ”
I call and he turns back with his brows raised.
“That date.. Will it be just alright if we have lunch together? ”
His lips turn into a full smile and I return it.

“Sure. See you at lunch. ”
He says and I nod before he walks out, closing the door.

I put on my jacket and gulp down the coffee when the clock shows eight.

I walk out of my office into the one across it and Mr Malik is just coming in, I guess cause he is just about to sit.

“Good morning sir. ”
I say with a wide smile and he nods at me.

“Roxanne or would you prefer miss Brown? ”
He raise his brows and I shake my head.

“Anyone that sounds more professional. ”
I reply and he laughs.

“Professional, I like that. Miss Brown it is. So I need you to go through these files and relate the result to miss Conner, the secretary. I expect that to be done before this day ends and we have a meeting by ten so I expect you to be here by then. ”

“Okay Sir. ”
I say and he nods before dismissing me.

I bow and turn away, about to open the door when he stops me again.

“Get me coffee. You will always do that every morning so I except you keep to mind. ”
I nod and bow again before walking out of the office.
I drop the files in my office before walking down the stairs to get the coffee.
I bump into Anna on my way and she smiles at me.
“Oh, Im so sorry. ”
I mutter before bending down to pick up the files.

“It’s okay. Anyone can make mistakes. ”
She smiles as I hand the files over to her.
She’s really nice and so beautiful.
She takes the files and I notice she’s holding a cup of coffee.

“I saw you at that floor already, why are you going back there? ”
She asks in America accent. Wow.

“Yes I was just going to get coffee for Mr Malik. ”
I smile and she shakes her head.
“Oh, you don’t need to get him coffee. I already got it covered. ”
She smiles. What?

“Um, okay. ”
I mutter awkwardly before she walks away.
Get him coffee?
I thought that’s my job. Who is she really and what kind of relation does she has with boss.

I shake my head and walk back to my office. It’s none of my business anyways.
I sigh and plop down on the chair, getting ready to work.


My first day at work is going great so far.
I am already done with the files and have it reported to miss Conner who’s a exceptionally beautiful lady with a nice character.
It seems like everyone here is nice. I’ve made some few friends within the hours and I’ve come to like the company even more than I did before.
The meeting went really well and I enjoyed it.
Opinions and thoughts were shared. Everyone here is carefree and I couldn’t hope for a more better company.
Mr Malik gave me more files to work on and some companies to do research on.
So far so good, my day is going better than I thought.

A knock comes to my door and my head shoot up from the file I’ve buried my head into.

Is it lunch time already?
My gaze goes to my watch and it says twelve thirty.

“Come in. ”
I say, expecting to see Jason all ready for lunch but instead the door open and dark eyes comes prying inside my office leaving my mouth hung open and my breathing hitched.


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