Rach: hello , wat happened that u didn’ tpick
my call the first time I called ?
Me: sorry I was kynda busy
Rach: Ok , did u get my package ?
Me: yeah , i did thanks a lot
Rach: did u like it?
Me: sure, I love it , thanks again *i just dey
do quick make di call end before she go talk
wetin she no suppose talk *
Rach: how was work today?
Me: work was good in fact dats wat keeping
me busy at d moment so call u later ,
byeee !
That’s when I spoiled things
Rach: ok bye , my sweet love
I quickly ended d call but already the did
has been done. Tolu just look at me with
hatred and sigh a HEAVY sigh and went out
of my room, I went out too for my stroll , as
I was closed to the junction I saw funke in
front of me with two beautiful black n
yellow babes , I approached and said hi to
the babes , then funke held my hand so that
I can stand with them, but i wasn ’ t standing
with those babes , anyway I stood and she
introduce me to them, they too introduced
themselves also as Vicky and Bola
respectively, she had introduced me as a
corper to them, so i want to go to where i
was going which was really nowhere, funke
ask where i was going? I said , i was just
strolling and asked if she and her friends
could come with me and I didn’ t like the
idea so I quickly told her that I was actually
going to meet a fellow football fan to chat
some football gist , that was just to
discourage them not to join me , then Bola ,
the fair girl said *when I say fair I mean
close to albino fair , but with dark hairs ,
brows and lashes, and brown lens . She take
small thing escape albino*
Bola : whose fan are u? The other girls were
laughing at her
Me: do u know any team ? * I asked with a
Funke : ask her oh , kopa
Bola : yes na , *bobo yin ………… Arsenal ni *
she spoke in yoruba so I didn’ t understand
what she said but I am guessing she said
her BF is an Arsenal fan . So I asked her if
she an Arsenal fan and she said yes and the
girls burst into laughter again.
Bola : don ’t mind them oh they are jealous
they don’ t know anything about
Me: *smiling* don’ t mind them me too I am
an Arsenal u hear ?
Vicky : *smiling* football ko football ni
Me: so u go to watch matches with ur BF ?
Bola : Yes , but that was then sha,
Me: ok , but would u like to watch again ?
Funke : ehhh kopa she won ’ t

They giggled
Me: allow her to answer now
Vicky : she will go
Me: I know she will .
*we all smiled *
Bola : that would be in the weekend right ?
Funke : hmmmm hmmm
Me: yes I believe we ’ll play stoke or
Bola : ok let me know when its time .
Vick: how? Na winch him be to call u , if u
want to give him ur number just do so .
Funke : shay na ?
Bola : what is now? Why are u all attacking
me na ? Has he asked and I said I won ’ t
Me: Bola please can I have ur number ?
But , girl u don’ t have to attach her like dat
na ? Besides , I should be the one to ask for
her Zeros .
Vicky : Defender , oh let me go and look for
who to defend me too .
Funke : Abi oh
She gave me the number and I promised to
call in the weekend . I told the girls I was
going home then funke said , she wants to
go home too that we went together , so we
told the girl bye and left while they went
there own ways . When we got home I went
straight to my room. Late in the evening
Rach called to inform me that she is would
be coming to visit her family and that if we
could see ? I said ok .


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