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By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}




My eyes was fixed on the laptop wondering what i have done wrong to him all my life.

When i saw who it was i wasn’t surpised at all instead i was wondering who he has been working with.

I looked at the space for some seconds wondering what would have happened if miss loud mouth didn’t find out now.


i heard miss loud mouth’s voice and i didn’t even know where the smile came from.

I wonder how miss loud mouth manage to make me smile even at a moment like this.

“Its Bryan now no more Mr Bryan?”

i asked with a smirk and she scoffed with an eyes rolled.

“As if you’re not happy about it.”

she said and i chuckled.

“Anyway who is it huh?”

she asked and my face hardened.

“Frank and Fred one of my share holders and kinda my rivals.”

i replied and she gave me a confussed expression.

“Who are they i don’t think i have met them before have i?”

she asked.


i sighed tiredly looking at the confussed miss loud mouth.

“Do you remember the two guys from Chloe’s birthday i mean the twins actually Fred and Frank.”

i said.

“You mean the ones of which one of them was trying to flirt with me huh?”

she asked.

“Yea they are the ones who has been stealing from me for the passed four years maybe that’s why Frank always brag everytime he sees me.”

i said angrily.

“Ashley i want you to hack into this account too because i think someone in my company i mean an employee is helping them out and i guess this is the persons account.”

i said and she nodded.

She took the laptop from me and started doing what i don’t even know she was so serious and after a while a smile appeared on her face.


she said and i smiled and took the laptop from her and my eyes widened in shock.

“WHAT!!! JAY!”

i half yelled looking so pissed i wasn’t angry because Frank and his brother has been stealing from me all this while.

But i was pissed because there acomplish is Jay my Secretary someone who has been with working for me for five years.

Someone i truth and took as a big brother for five years and i was shocked to know he was the one behind the frude.

“I am calling the FBI.”

i muttered but before i could get to my phone miss loud mouth took it from me.

“What was that for?”

i asked trying to take the phone from her but she refused.

“Bryan i never knew you where so dumb why call the FBI when you can actually make them go broke and sack Jay.”

she said and evil smile.

“What do you mean by make them go broke?”

i asked sitting on the table in front of her and she relaxed crossing her legs.

“Firstly call Jay and give him his dismissal letter and then come ask me that question one more time.”

she smirked.

“Okay i will.”

i said and picked up my telephone and called him.

And after a while he walked in with a smile or will i say fake smiles the same smile he used to decive me all this while.

“Mr Bryan you sent for me.”

he asked looking at me with a smile making me wonna kill him with my bare hand.

“I am sorry to tell you this but Damon and i are doing some new changes because we noticed something isn’t right with the way the company is going.”

i said and he nodded.

“I am relieving some of my employees of there duties and i am sorry to say this but you are one of them.”

i said and handed him the letter.

“What!!!….but i have been uhm… doing my job diligently.”

he stuttered and i smiled why is he scared if his innocent.

“I know you have been doing you job well but it not in my power okay business comes first you can go now.”

i said and he left.

Immediately he left i asked Ashley to check the cctv camera in his office and she did immediately and he was on call and we began to listen.

“Hello boss i think there’s a problem.”

he said.

“What is it Jay?”

“I was just sacked and i just don’t know how it happen because it came to me as a shock.”

he said i was eger to know what the next person on the line was gonna say but miss loud mouth off it.

“Give me another account.”

she said doing something on the laptop and i did as she said.

hours later

After three long hours she was done with everything and when i mean everything i meant she was done tranfering all the money they had to our private account.

And not only that she cleared all the evience and covered her tracks well making me look at her suspiously.


she asked when she cut me staring at her that way.

“Why haven’t you been doing this all this while since you’re good in it huh?”

i asked and scoffed walked up to my chair to drop the laptop on the table and after that she tried walking out.

But i was quick to pull her to myself making her sit on my laps and i began caring her thighs.

“Bryan what…are you doing … huh?”

she stuttered and i smirked.

“You see Ashley i never thought i will be saying this and certainly not in my office but i can’t help but do it.”

“We didn’t get alone well when i first met you but as time went on i started feeling something for you.”

“At first i didn’t understand what that feeling was but i liked it and i wanted it to continue. At first i thought it was lust and then i call it a crush but now i think i know what that feeling is.”

“I love you Ashley i love everything about you your smile your loud mouth and every other thing about you.”

“You have showed me what love really feels like and i don’t think i can stay a day without us fighting over unnecessary things please Ashley give me a change to prove my love for you.”

i said and for some seconds there was silence.

“Bryan in as much as i want to deny it but the truth is that i feel the same way but am scared. scared of braking another ladys heart.”

she said looking at her fingers.

“I know Ashley and i know she’s not that heartless and she will understand.”

i said playing with the tip of her hair.

“How sure her you that she will understand?”

she asked looking at me.

“100% plus.”

i replied.

“Then yes i am willing to give you a chance.”

she replied shyly and my heart danced in delight.

“Can i kiss you?”

i asked and she nodded.

Our face slowly started drawing close to each other and we engage into a passionate kiss and it felt like all my problems was gone.

This is heaven.






To be continued….

Awww so romantically romantic

Lovelies please bare with me okay you know we are in this together.


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