When i got to my office i quickly finished up my work and started working on the files Bryan gave me.

I know he said i can submit it tomorrow but i want to tell him that i am not a dummy like he thinks i am.

I open the files and immediately a big smile applied on my face.

I thought it was something very hard but it was something i can do so i didn’t waste any time i set to work.

While i was working on the files i noticed some strange transactions from both company accounts.

And it has been going on for like four years now and that alone got me surpised.

How can such thing be happening in a company and yet no one has been able to dictate it all this while huh?

I first finished my work before looking into the matter and started getting more information about the transaction.

It took me just an hour to finish the files Bryan gave me but it took me more than three hours to finish gathering information about the strange transactions.

When i was done i gathered the two files together and left my office and started heading to Bryan’s office.

On my way to his office i bumped into someone and the files fell from my hands and i quickly picked them up.

“I’m so sorry miss please forgive me.”

i apologised.

“Oh come on miss its not your fault instead it was mine i wasn’t looking and my mind isn’t even here.”

she muttered sadly.

“Uhmm okay but are you alright because you don’t look happy sorry for asking but i couldn’t help but ask.”

i said and she smiled sadly.

“Of course am not okay am just tired of pretending to be strong i cut my boyfriend in bed with my cousin i am hurt because i have put in a lot in that relationship.”

she said in tears.

“You see love its hard yes. But any guy who can have the heart to cheat on your not with any other lady but with your own cousin isn’t worth crying for.

wipe your tears dress nice and move on because he doesn’t know your value so cheer up girl.”

i said and she smiled and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“Thanks so much and i will like us to me friends anyway sorry for my manners my name is Pamela Scott and i am the receptionist.”

she said streching out her hand for a hand shake.

“I’m Ashley Morrone Mr Bryan’s new secretary.”

i replied accepting her hand shake.

“Thanks for the conversation but i need to go now i need to submit this files to Mr Bryan.”

i smiled.

“Okay see you around.”

she replied and we departed.

She looks so young maybe 19 or 20 and i don’t know but i like her already.

when i got to Mr Bryans office i gave a light knock and i heard him mutter come in so i opened the door and got in.

“Hey am done with the files.”

i said and handed him the files and he collected it slowly with shock written all over his face.



he said smiling while going through the files.

“One more thing i noticed some strange transactions to an unknown account it has been going on for like four years now.”

i said and handed him the second file which he collect from me quickly.


he half yelled going through the files with his eyes red in anger.

“I need to call Damon so we will get a hacker to hack those accounts.”

He said.

“Can i try huh?”

i asked.

“You hack too?”

he asked and i chuckled.

I took a laptop on the table and set to work although it was hard because the account was heavenly guided.

But after a little while i was able to hack both the persons three accounts and his private accounts including his social media platforms.


i said proudly using my hand to fan myself.

He took the laptop from me and started looking at it and immediately all of a sudden his face turned cold getting me scared.

“Bryan what is it huh?”

i asked.

No responds.

instead his eyes was just fixed on the laptop.


i half yelled and he smirked.

“Is Bryan now huh no more Mr Bryan?”

he muttered.

“As if you aren’t happy i just called you Bryan.”

i said and he chuckled.

“But who has been taking money from the company fund huh?”

i asked and his face harden.







To be continued….


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