🌹💋°°his wrong sweet mistake°°🌹💋

By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}


🌹💋CHAPTER 1-2💋🌹


Immediately she left a smile appeared on my face while i was looking at the door which she left from.

Looking at it alone gives me a different type of joy that i can’t explain.

Everything about miss loud mouth looks perfect to me maybe because she’s very natural and loving.

I gave her the files just to test her knowledge and skils not for anything much although the files are very important to the company.

But i truth her and that’s why i gave it to her, she’s not like other ladies so that alone makes me truth her.

Few days ago after the agrument between miss loud mouth and Mrs Morrone i recieved a call from her husband.

When i saw the call i thought he called me to talk about what his wife might have told him about miss loud mouth but yet again i was wrong.

He called be to tell me to forget about Ashley not only that he began the samon on how Ashley was his regret in life.

And this time it wasn’t me or miss loud mouth’s time to be angry but my mom.

she got so angry that she snatched the phone from me and gave Mr Francis the insult of his life.

And after that i took a decision to hire a private investigator to investigate the case because i still find it hard to believe this.

Everyone sees Ashley as a bad person but to me i see nothing but a lady trying so much to hide her fears.

I can remember sometime last year when i asked Ashley what she has passion for except modeling just like i asked miss loud mouth.

But instead of her giving me a straight aswer her facal expression changed to a sad one making me regret why i asked her the question.

She told me she never had any passion for modeling and that took me by surpise.

she futher showed me her teenage pictures.

I was shock because Ashley was just a straight lady with no curves but her skinny body looked perfectly good on her.

She told me she had passion for basket ball and other sport game and that made me remember the day i saw her and her best friend Tyler playing basket ball.

And i was pushed to ask her why go for multiple surgeries to get a body for a caree you have no passion for?.

And she only said i can never understand her and the only person who can is Tyler her best friend.

Her best friend Tyler has a little sister working at my company as a receptionist the girl has talent i must compliment.

The sound of my phone ringing snapped me out of my thought making me sigh tiredly rubbing my forehead.

I checked the caller ID and it was my private investigator and i picked up my phone from the table and picked the call.

“••Hello sir how are you doing?”

he said.

“••I am good Tony and hope you’re good too? anyway any news for me?”

i asked.

“••Yes sir but just a little well Mr and Mrs Francis has a son by name Michaelle and then Ashley your fiancee.”

he said shocking me.

“••A son? but i haven’t heard about him before i never knew Mr Francis had a son.”

i said.

“••Not only you sir everyone doesn’t know. the guy in question is married with two twin daughters.”

he said.


does Ashley communicate with her brother at all huh?”

i asked.

“Yes sir, i think Mr Francis and his son are not in good terms to reasons unknown to us and that’s why he relocated to mexico.”

he said.

“Mexico huh? are Ashley and her brother in good terms? like do they communicate?”

i asked once more.

“Yes they are, according to my investigation she’s at her brother’s house corrently.”

he replied.

“I thought she went for a modeling contract in mexico?”

i asked.

“Yes she did but instead of her lodging in a hotel she stays at her brothers house.”

he replied and i sighed.

“Okay thanks for the information but please do inform me if you get any other thing.”

i said.

“One more thing sir i think there is more to this case than it looks.”

he said.

“Why do you think so?”

i asked.

“Actually i had a little chat with Mr Michaelle in his drunk state yesterday and he said something that i found interesting.”

“Which is?”

i asked.

“He said something like why must a child who should me showered with so much love and attention be treated like an outcase in her own father house simply because she’s …”

“She’s what?”

i asked but instead he sighed.

“Actually that’s all i could get before he passed out and i had to call his wife to take him home.”

he said and i sighed.

I guess he only ended up geting me more confused and eager to know more.

“Ok Tony call me when you get something else.”

i muttered robbing my forehead.

“I will sir.”

he said and i ended the call looking at the space.

Now i believe there is more to this case than it looks and according to what miss loud mouth told me her nanny also knows something.

What can make Ashley’s parents hate her so much to the extent that her own brother had to live the house?

Why is Ashley always woking her butt out and stressing herself for a caree she has no passion for?

Is she being forced to do it?

or she’s just trying to please someone?

So many questions yet no answer.

i sighed and relex properly on my office chair looking at the space.

Mr Francis is a man i respect so much even though him and my father Wasn’t in talking terms for reasons my dad kept hiden from us including my mom.

My father always calms that he was heartless but i never believed my dad since he didn’t want to say what went wrong.

Now am beginning to believe that my dad has a good reason for disliking Mr Francis right from time.

And getting to the root of this matter would have been easy if my dad was alife and to think of it.

Why was my father’s last word before he gave into death THE LADY WITH THE STAR AND FLOWER TATTOO huh?

Who is this strange woman he was talking about does is have any connection to fhis matter.





i sighed tiredly and closed my eyes still wallowing in my thought.


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