🌹💋°°his wrong sweet mistake°°🌹💋

By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}

🌹💋CHAPTER 30💋🌹

[Season Finale]


I felt so disappointed when miss loud mouth carried my briefcast.

I was actually expecting her to ask me to carry hers foolish right?

I was happy when i saw her drooling over my company building and i was delighted she was impressed at what she saw.

Actually my company is now a joint company its a combination of two companies Damon’s and mine.

I looked at her once again and to my surpise she didn’t even spare me a glance she was just walking majestically.

Don’t tell me she wants to be professional at work and a demon at home because i won’t like that at all.

I want my demonic miss loud mouth everywhere both at work and at home because that alone makes me happy.

My male employees were giving her seductive glance making my blood boil in anger and jealousy.

Why am i even jealous huh?

Of course i have every right to be jealous she’s my miss loud mouth.

They kept on giving her seductive glance while she just mentained a streight face making sure she doesn’t miss any step.

And i guess the female employees noticed it because they started giving miss loud mouth hateful glance.

After a long walk we finally got to my office and we got in and i headed straight to my seat while she dropped my briefcast on the table.

I sat down and started looking at her wondering what she might be thinking in that big head of hers.


she asked when she caught me looking at her.

“Where is my miss loud mouth don’t tell me you being professional here?”

i said and she scoff.

“Yes Mr Bryan i am mentaining the boss and employee distance but immediately we get home you’re gonna experience double of my trouble.”

she said with and eyes rolled.

“But that doesn’t mean you are gonna kill me with loads of work if you do i will kill you.”

she said and i chuckled.

“What’s the need of being scared when you have already killed me.”

i muttered and she chuckled.

I took my telephone and dialed my secretary’s line and he picked up at the first ring.

“Hello Jey come meet me at my office right this minutes.”

i said.

“Okay Sir.”

he replied and i ended the call.

I think work is gonna be more fun than i thought since miss loud mouth wants to be professional with me at work i am gonna frustrate her.

Although she’s gonna be giving be hot at home at least i have the office to deal with her.

i thought with a devilish smirk on my face.

After a little while i heard a soft knock on the door and i muttered.

“Come in.”

and the door opened and Jay walked in with a smile.

“Good morning Mr Bryan.”

he greeted and i just nodded.

“Good morning Mr……”

miss loud mouth asked.

“Jason Jay for short and you’re? ”

he asked nearly pissing me off.

“Ashley my name is Ashley.”

she replied with a smile.


i cleared my throat and they looked at me with an annoying smile.

“Jason this is Ashley my new PA and she will be replacing Mrs Jenny untill she’s back from her maternity leave.

Take her to her office and show her everything she needs to know she’s a first timer so lecture her well.”

i muttered with my eyes fixed on my laptop.

“Okay miss Ashley come with me.”

he smiled at her.

“Okay Mr Jay please lead the way.”

miss loud mouth replied.

“Miss loud mouth get me a cup of coffee when you’re done with Jay.”

i muttered.

“Okay Mr Bryan.”

she replied and i winkled.

And they left.

Leaving me alone in my own thought a beautiful one at that.

The only thing that clouded my mind now is miss loud mouth everything she does makes my head go gaga.

Before i wasn’t sure of this feeling i am having at first i thought it was lust and later I decided to see it as a crush.

But now I know what it is.

I love miss loud mouth and I don’t know if I can hind my feelings anymore.

I have been trying to contact Ashley for awhile and her line isn’t connecting and sometimes I feel scared if she’s okay.

Hours Later.

I heard a soft knock at the door and I muttered a “ come in” and immediately the door opened and miss loud mouth walked in with a cup of coffee.

Just what I needed to help cool my nerves right now.

“Mr Bryan here is your coffee.”

She said I smiled and she placed the cup on the table.


I muttered and a small frown appeared on her face.

“Are you okay Mr Bryan?”

She asked and I smiled.

“Why do you ask?”

I asked and I heard her sigh.




“You look stressed and bothered.”

She said and I smiled.

“I will be okay if only you accept to give me a massage.”

I said and she chuckled.

“Is that part of my work as your PA huh?”

She asked playfully.


I smirked and she laughed.

She came to my back and she slowly placed her hands on my shoulder and started massaging my shoulder and a moan left my mouth.

After she was done with the massage I sighed in relief.

It was just like a large load was lifted from my shoulder.

“Better now?”

She asked.

“More than better.”

I smiled warmly.

“Anyway work on this files and submit it by tomorrow those files are important I know you don’t know much about them but put in your best.”

I said and handed the files to her.


She muttered.

“You can leave now but meet me here during lunch break.”

I said and she smiled and left.







To be continued….


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