🌹💋°°his wrong sweet mistake°°🌹💋

By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}

🌹💋CHAPTER 29💋🌹


I woke up early as usually but this time it was a little different because i woke up happy.

Today is my first day at work and i can’t wait to start working as Mr Bryan’s PA because i have a feeling its going to be fun.

Don’t ask me how i know because i am sure gonna be his nightmares that’s what i promised him yesterday.

We went to church yesterday and that sinful son of the devil refused to go for a confession including damon.

I promise to furstrate there lifes untill they decide to go for the confession by themselves and that’s a promise.

But that’s by the way my plans today is to make Mr Bryan drool untill a fly enters his mouth and that i must do.

I called nanny yesterday and we discussed about lot of things including Mr Bryan’s fiancee and immediately i called Mr Francis her dad’s name nanny bursted into laughter.

She made a comment like so they never changed huh?

I tried asking her what she knows about them but she only said i will know more when the time is right but next time i should look for a more better word to tell Mr Francis wife.

I haven’t been myself since the call between nanny and i.

There is really more to this matter than it looks since nanny couldn’t give me the full gist and that’s unlike my nanny.

I decided to remove my mind from there and occupy my mind with my first day at work because as nanny told me thinking about this matter is of no use because its her fight not mine.

I looked at the wall clock in my room and it was already 4am so i went outside to the kitchen to drink my morning water.

And thanks heavens Mr Bryan wasn’t in the kitchen so i quickly took a bottle water and drank to my full.

After that i went back to my room to start my preparations.

When i got to the room i striped off my pajamas and went to the bathroom and ran a refreshing shower washing my hair at the sametime.

After an hour of a refreshing bath i stept out of the bathroom and sat in front of my dressing mirrow.

I took a hair dryer and started blowing my hair dry and i few minutes it was completly dry and i began rolling it.

After rolling it i packed my hair in a ponytail and then opened my closet and started looking for an outfit to wear.

After a while i settled for a white suit trouser and a matching suit jacket black singlet and a matching black heels and bag.

After few hours i was done dressing and i smiled at my reflection on the mirrow i am not a fan of makeup so i just applied mascara and a nerd lip gloss.

I was now looking like all this top business women in business magazines.

I smiled one more time took my hand bag and started walking downstairs with a slay smile on my face.

When i got to the living room i saw everyone already seated on the dinning including my Chloe i was too happy that i didn’t remember to prepare her for school.

“Hey good morning everyone.”

i greeted pretending not to be looking at Mr Bryan but i could see him drooling with this mouth wide open.

“Morning love you look stunning.”

aunty Rita said and i smiled.

“Ashley can i take you out on a date today before you go to work huh?”

Ryan asked and Rhian gave him a hard knock.


he winced and everyone laughed.

“Don’t mind Ryan Ashley but you look super cute on those office outfit unlike some people I know.”

Rhian complimeted.

“Thanks everyone baby good morning.”

i said giving Chloe a kiss on the cheek and she giggled.

“Moring mommy you look muah.”

she said and i blushed.

“Thank you.”

i said.

“And Mr Bryan in as much as i want you to eat those flies your health is also important to me so you can close your mouth.”

i said with a smirk and everyone bursted into laughter including Chloe.

“What the heck! did you just mock me miss loud mouth.”

he said and i smiled..

“I promise i will return the favor you’re gonna see.”

he said faking a frown.

“I promised you and damon i was gonna frustrate you guys untill you guys decide to go for a confession yourselves so this is just the beginning.”

i winked.




After a while we finished eating breakfast and Rhian and Ryan took Chloe to school while i and Mr Bryan drove to his company.

While we were driving he kept stealing glance from me and when i catch him looking at me he will look away scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“Miss loud mouth what is it that you have passion for?”

he asked after a long while of silence.

“Actually i just want to own a big fashion house were i can be bringing out new designs and all that but i guess we don’t always get everything we wish for.”

i said and he gave me a side smile.

“You know its not late to still fulfill your dream you’re just 22 or 23 so you’re still very young you know.”

he said and i smiled.

“Yea that’s true but what about you?”

i asked and he scoffed.

“Is still business nothing more all my life i have love for business.”

he said and i rolled my eyes.

“That’s one hell of a boring dream you have there.”

i muttered and he laughed.

“Yea i know you’re not the first person to tell me that but you know what? apart from that my next dream is fvcking every hot lady…”

i didn’t wait for him to finish i gave him a hot slap.


he winced.

“Are you aware i am your new boss huh?”

he said.

“Oh boss get ready to be receiving hot slaps and knock.”

i replied with an eyes rolled.

After few hours drive the car finally came to a hint in front of a very massive building and now it was my time to drool.

Why wouldn’t i the building in front of me is so magnificient.

“Shall we?”

Mr Bryan’s voice snapped me back to reality.


i replied and took his office bag and followed him from behind into the paratise he call company.






To be continued….

PA loud mouth in action😂

Someone should go and warn my damon ooo before he receives a sudden knock


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