🌹💋°°his wrong sweet mistake°°🌹💋

By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}

🌹💋CHAPTER 27💋🌹


Time fled so fast and in no time it was afternoon and i must say today is one hell of a boring day.

I was so bored that i started regetting why mom gave me the rest of the week off was she actually trying to kill me of bordom.

Today was bored and dramatic at the same time i mean why won’t there be drama when miss loud mouth is at home.

Although i slept a lot unlike last night when i couldn’t sleep but after a while i got bored of sleeping.

miss loud mouth was at sleep with Chloe while my two twin siblings were busy with there phones.

This is the reason why sometimes i wish there was nothing like phones or laptops infact any electrical Appliance at all because it made life easy but bored.

There is no good communication anymore among individuals because people are too busy with there phones now.

The day was bored but immediatly miss loud mouth and Chloe woke up everything changed.

Of course she performed her magic and bordom ran away and everywhere became lifely again.

she always has this way of spicing every environment she goes to and that’s why i can’t stop liking her.





We played lots of fun games including truth and dare even though i refused to join at first because i find truth or dare boring and a little girlish.

But of course miss loud mouth forced me and in no time i started enjoying the game.

we didn’t put any erotic questions in it not like i didn’t want to but because mom and Chloe were playing the game with us.

I love the truth and dare game because it made me find out more about miss loud mouth and i if her parents are alive somewhere they are really heartless.

And when Rhian was asked who she dislikes the most and she called Ashley my fiancee i was surpised by the way miss loud mouth scolded her.

Even mom was surpised too and i was surpised Rhian didn’t behave like she does With me instead she apologised.

I just hope she doesn’t end up making me fall hard for her because if i do not even Ashley can stop me.

But Ashley isn’t as bad as they paint her she’s just an understanding lady and i know she might get angry but she will understand.

After a day filled with lots of fun it was already time for miss loud mouths office outfit shopping.

Although i didn’t feel like going anywhere i didn’t have a choice since it was my punishment for waking mom up so early.





At the moment i am sitting at the living room all dressed up waiting for miss loud mouth to finish getting ready so we can go for the shopping.

Sometimes i wonder why woman find it hard to finish dressing up on time must they always take hours huh?

After few minutes i started hearing footsteps coming from the stairs and i sighed tired rubbing my forehead.

“At last her highness finally finished getting ready after long hours.”

i muttered and she rolled her eyes.

She was wearing a simple desighed blowse and a black trouser making her look as pretty as ever.

“Mr Bryan don’t tell me you’re drooling again huh?”

she asked with a mocking toon and i faked a frown.

“Of course i wasn’t drooling don’t get your hopes high i was just looking at the painting behind you.”

i lied.

“Whatever let’s go.”

she said with an eyes rolled and i chuckled mockingly.

She started walking out while i followed her behind we got to the car and i opened the car door for her and she got in.

I went into the drivers seat and ignated the car and drove off to one of the best shopping malls in califonia.

While we were on the ride miss loud mouth was just staring at the beautiful buildings with admiration.

I like her because she’s so natural and down to earth and I have this urge to always see her smile all the time.

I just can’t wait till next two days to.start working with her because it’s gonna be fun.




After few minutes of fun ride the car finally came to a hint in front of the mall and we stepped down and journied inside.

when we got inside a lady wearing a classic outfit walked up to us with a smile on her face.

“Good afternoon sir and ma’am welcome to the victoria outfit shopping mall what type of outfit do you guys want.”

she asked politely.

“We don’t want much just few office outfit for my new PA here.”

i said.

“Okay no problem you two should come with me let me show you the type of desighs we have.”

she said and we nodded.

We were about going with he lady when i heard someone call my name making us stop in our track.

And when i looked back to see who called me it was Ashley’s mom.

“What does she want again.”

i muttered under my breath and i heard miss loud mouth chuckled.

“Good afternoon Mrs Morrone what do i own this visit.”

i asked and she smiled but even a blind person will notice its fake.

“I want to still advise you again don’t waste your precious time on Ashley she doesn’t worth it.”

she said i was about replying her when miss loud mouth beat me to it.

“Please ma’am who is this Ashley you’re talking about .”

she asked already red in anger.

“I am talking about my daughter.”

she replied and what miss loud mouth said next took me by surpise.

“If truely she’s your daughter then you’re the worste mother on earth.”

she said Mrs Morrone’s eyes widened in shock.






To be continued…..


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