🌹💋°°his wrong sweet mistake°°🌹💋

By: Victoria Peter {Do not copy or repost‼️}

🌹💋CHAPTER 26💋🌹


🎊Next Morning🎊

I woke up only to see myself on the bed with a changed cloth and that got me worried because i am sure i slept off in the car.

I must confess i was a little drunk last night i wanted to have a thirst of Mr Bryan’s wine and I ended up getting a little tipsy.

Now back to the present who changed my clothes? It better not be Mr Bryan if not i am going to remove his eyes cook it and make him eat it.

It was very early in the Morning and I know everyone will still be at sleep by now.

I stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom when I got to the bathroom I took my bath and brushed my mouth.

Then headed out and wore a new pair of pajamas packed my hair in a messy bun and headed to the kitchen to drink water.
When i got to the kitchen I grabbed myself a bottle water and sat down.

My mind immediately went back to Mr bryans fiancee although everyone talks bad about her I still have this weird feeling that she’s not as bad as people say she is.

She must have a reason to be working her butt out everyday like she does.

But at any rate she’s a lucky lady to have a man like Mr Bryan in her life his so understanding and loving and i will continue to help her in making sure no lady takes her place.

Not like I don’t like Mr Bryan but as I said I don’t have the heart to break someone’s heart and accepting that I am beginning to like Mr Bryan is doing so.

And with the way he behaves around me maybe his beginning to like me too and the best thing I will do is avoid it.

Before its too late.
Even without seeing her I already have this love for her.

I was still deep in thought when I felt someones presence making me look up see who it is.

And just as I thought it was Mr Bryan making me remember I woke up without the cloth I wore to the party.

“Oh my god miss loud mouth you’re awake i thought you were dead already with the way you were sleeping like a log of wood.”
He mocked and I chuckled angrily.
“HaHaHa you’re so funny Mr Bryan but don’t me surprised if i beat you up after cracking your wonderful joke.”
I replied and he immediately shut his mouth.

“Fvck! You’re one scary lady miss loud mouth anyway don’t you think it’s took early to be awake huh?”
He smirked.

“If it’s so early as you claim why aren’t you at sleep huh?”
I replied and he sighed.

“Thats because i can’t sleep mom’s sleeping pills only worked for few minutes and since then I have been awake.”
He muttered rubbing his forehead.

“Have you been over thinking lately because that’s the only thing that can make my Mr Bryan not sleep.”
I said and a seductive smirk appeared on his face.

“Hmm so am now your Mr Bryan huh?”
He smirked and I just rolled my eyes.

“before it escape my memory who changed my clothes huh?”
I asked drinking from my bottle water.

“I did.”
He replied and my eyes nearly fell from its surket.

“Mr Bryan you’re kidding right?”
I asked but he chuckled keeping a straight face.

“Do I look like am kidding to you halfway through the drive you fell at sleep and when we got home I tried waking you up but you were sleeping like a log of wood.

So as a perfect gentleman that I am I carried you to your room and when I was about leaving I noticed you were sweating badly so boom I changed your clothes.”
He replied.
I shouted and chanced towards with the bottle of water in my hand.

“How dare you change my clothes huh? Did i tell you to now you have seen it all.”
I yelled heating him with the bottle water while he kept crying in pains.

“Just calm down ok just let me explain please I swear it hurts.”
He cried but I didn’t even give him a listening ear.

Of course I was enjoying giving him the beating of his life who knows if I will ever get his opportunity again.

I was enjoying myself training with my little punching bag in front of me when aunty Rita ran into the kitchen and immediately mr Bryan ran to her back.

“Oh glorious heavens don’t tell me I just woke up from my beauty sleep and burned up all these energy running down here just for nothing huh?”
She muttered rubbing on her forehead.

“Mom miss loud mouth wants to kill me this early morning.”
Mr Bryan winced.

“Ashley and Bryan don’t tell me you two wants to turn my house into a warzone huh?”
She said.

“Aunt Rita is it right for a man to change a lady’s clothes without her consent huh?”
I asked and her eyes widened.

“No that’s not right at all except the lady in question is your wife or girlfriend but what does that have to do with the matter at hand?”
She asked.

“Aunt Mr Bryan changed my dress yesterday.”
I said and she shaked her head.

“No he didn’t I did I guess you beat him up for nothing.”
She said and my face flashed in embarrassment.
I muttered.

“Bryan you will be taking Ashley for shopping today so deal with that.”
She said and left immediately she left i shut Mr Bryan a stare.

“What was that for huh?”
I asked.

“I just wanted to tease you and if i knew you were gonna be breaking my spine I wouldn’t have.”
He replied and i rolled my eyes.
To be continued……


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