Chapter 31

📌(Love doesn’t exit for them)📌

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Writer’s POV
Few days after Ryan introduced Cecilia to their mom as his girlfriend. Owen also introduced Melissa as his girlfriend.

Clarice was kind of confused.

She started wondering why they all suddenly got hooked up with different girls that all seems to act weird to the human world. Like they grew up in one place, they all act like they are poor orphans who doesn’t know the real world but she was still happy that they all don’t behave like bit*hes and all.

The first impression she had of Valeria of course wasn’t a good one but she later took pity on her thinking that she was a lowly girl.

Sneaking in and out of the school, it didn’t take too long before the principal found out but she still decided to continue monitoring Val and the others without a word.

Of course what they are doing could warantee heavy punishment but the school can’t just get rid of the most valuable witches.

She thought and thought on what to do, then and finally concluded, she was gonna call all of them and speak to them secretly.

She called them all and warned them to stop sneaking out or the boundary could be sealed permanently. The reaction she got was an expected one.

“Well then, banish us” Melissa requested.

“I’m doing this in order to keep your lives. Once you get banished, you loss everything. You might die.”

“You all must have known that the first witch who got banished was because she broke all of the Witches rule.”

“Firstly, she went out to the real world. She also fell in love with a normal human and aside that, she got pregnant for that human, she got banished of course. But once you get banished, there is no guarantee you’ll live long. As a witch, you get to live up to 300 years that’s if you continue with us. If you wanna prove you know it all then you’ll die at 50, 70. You’ll die that age.”

“The witch that broke all these rules died 31, she didn’t live to see her daughter grow. She didn’t enjoy her marriage with the human she fell in love with. And that witch was my close friend, I advised her the same way I’m advising you guys but she didn’t listen.”

“She decided to follow her heart. She ended up dead.”

“And that woman was my mother?” Valerie suddenly asked her.

“Right? You don’t have to lie. I’ve heard rumors already, rumours she got banished” Val said.

“I need to know all of the truth. Where is my father? I need to know who he is” she demanded.

“Well, I’ll tell you only if you promise not to go out….” the principal tried saying.

“Tell me now!!!” Valerie cut in a wave of power mixed with anger suddenly overwhelming her.

“And…why is the book’s power always affecting me? I need to know all the damn truth.”

The principal had no option but to explain things to her. Since her mom was the one that helped in creation of the book, the book originally recognizes her and wants to be with her.

The principal also revealed the things she knows about her father, where he currently lives.

Valerie stormed out of the witches world promising herself never to step back in again. Angry that her mother got banished.

She got to the location given to her, she pressed the bell of the only house there.

A kid of about 7 years opened the door for her.

“Kellie? Kellie? Who is at the door?” She suddenly heard the man’s voice. The man supposedly her father.

The man appeared to her.

“Hello miss, who are you?” He asked.

Valerie’s heartbeat started raising.

“Can I hug you?” She asked the man who kept looking at her confusingly. Without waiting for the man to reply her, she embraced the man tightly.

“It’s me valerie” she said into the man’s ear.

“I’m happy to see what you look like. Thanks for leaving well” she added disentangling from the hug.

She ran away before the man could even say a word to her.

I’ve never going back there. From today onwards, I follow my mother’s part. And that is finding true love.

Who says true love doesn’t exit? What shit is that? With or without the spell bond I’ll continue loving Ethan, Valerie said to herself as she ran to Ethan’s house.

There she saw Thea, Cecilia and Melissa.

“Thea??” She called, shocked to see her.

“Yeah, shocked right. I decided to follow my friends, who knows I might also find true love out here? Damn! This place is beautiful!” Thea exclaimed still fazed that she was finally out of school.

“So, we all remain best friends forever?” Valerie asked tears suddenly gathering up her eyes.

“Yeah, best friends forever!” They all echoed at the same time and hugged each other.

“You know you should say best witches forever,not best friend” Ryan who was just coming out of the house rolled his eyes and said.

The girls laughed.

“Great news guys” Owen who was also coming out from the house added.

“Dad says, you all could stay. And we are all going back to the city. He is gonna help you girls get an apartment of your own too. Geez! I wanna go back to the city” Owen announced.

“Really?” Ethan asked his eyes widening.

“Yup!” Owen confirmed.

“I can’t wait. It’s gonna be fantastic!” Ryan said.

“What’s a city?” Valerie asked confused with the other girls.

The boys laughed.


Finally came to an end.
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