Chapter 28

📌(Love doesn’t exit for them)📌

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(He is nut!)

Writer’s POV
“I don’t understand. What are you saying?” Valerie asked taking steps towards the principal.

“It’s either you originally love him or you don’t love him at all” the principal repeated standing before her.

“You think it’s the latter?” Cecilia asked.

“Of course, it can’t be the first, can it? Valerie hasn’t fallen in love with a human, has she?” The principal asked staring at Valeria sternly.

Valerie took her face down in thought. What if it’s the latter as the principal says?

Then does it mean that they have no real feelings for each other, the thought darkened her mood a lot. Somewhere deep down, she wished that, that isn’t the case for them.

“And there is another thing aside that. Once the spell book does that, it bonds you two together. Once he dies, you die. Anything that happens to you, happens to him, so therefore – you must break the spell” the principal added surprising them.

“Geez! That’s bad! So if that human was to die, Valerie will die with him?” Thea asked.

“Yes” the principal confirmed.

“Oh no, it’s bad” Melissa muttered.

“But….how do I break the spell? I didn’t cast the spell myself. I didn’t” Valerie mouthed fiddling with her clothe.

“Well, I know how to use the book. Just hand the book over to me willingly, I’m gonna break the spell. It’s gonna also take some time to find the right spell” the principal said.

Valerie got hold of the book. Then she handed the book to the principal.

“I wanna ask you a question” cecilia spoke up.

“Go on” the principal allowed.

“Hope Valerie isn’t gonna get punished anymore? The book is here, you should at least forgive her” she said.

“That won’t be decided by me, Cecilia. I also have to find the right spells to bring back the blacks principal” the principal sighed at the end.

“This book, it has a lot of advantage and then disadvantage. It’ll make you do things you shouldn’t do. It’ll do things you don’t expect it to that” at that explaination by the principal Valerie thought.

Why did the book come back to me? What does that mean?

“But….the book went back to Valerie right? Why is that?” Melissa was the one who asked.

The principal let out another sigh. “That explaination should be for another day. The blacks principal has to be brought back real soon or it might lead to your exile from the witches world, Valeria” the principal rounded up before leaving.

Valerie kept fiddling with her dress in nervousness. First about the fact that the love she and Ethan has for each other might be fake, secondly, the fact that she might get exiled if the principal isn’t gotten back and lastly, even if the principal makes it back, there is a 90 percent chance that she will get punished severally. She doesn’t want all these.

Valerie moved back to her bed and then sat down.

Melissa moved closer to her.

“Un…” she cleared her throat then spoke. ” Val, how about that Ethan’s other brother? Owensboro. Was he with you the whole time?” Melissa eyes blinking her eyes repeatedly like someone that has something off her sleeves.

“I don’t know” Valerie pouted lying down on her bed.

“You mean he wasn’t there the whole time. Where did he go to then? Do you know if they’ll continue with us? Do you know if I’ll see him tomorrow?” Melissa kept asking.

“I don’t know! I don’t know! I also miss Ethan, I want to see him. I want to kiss him, I want him to take over me again, I don’t know any other human aside Ethan” Valerie yelled closing her ears.

Melissa sighed sadly then sat down on her bed.

An idea came into her head again? What if I go see him too?

I won’t mind getting punished at all. Well, if he doesn’t show up then I’ll use that opportunity to go see him and see the human world as well, Melissa thought to herself, smiles suddenly creeping into her soft cheeky face.

“You are thinking too loudly Mel. Are you also in love with that human?” Thea grossed out lying down.

Melissa didn’t answer her, instead she kept thinking and thinking about dirty things she’ll do once she steps out to the human world.

“Guys, I aren’t going back to that school. No! That school scares me now, I don’t think I have the courage to go back” Ryan said.

“Well, even if you don’t go. It won’t prevent me from going” Ethan replied him.

“You…! You know you led us into that school from the very beginning. You led us into a non human school, a school that witches run, witches schools at” Ryan hushed at him.

“Well, mom is fine now all thanks to witches” Ethan hushed back at him laying emphasis on the word ‘witches’.

“Well yeah. But since mom is already healed permanently, why don’t we just stop? You have also gotten what you wanted from the very beginning right. You have fu*ked her, haven’t you? Or you wanna keep fucking her?” Ryan rolled his eyes at his brother at the end.

“Hey shut up! Stop making it seems like I’m just using her. I love her ok? That might have been my motive from the very beginning but not anymore” Ethan half yelled standing up to his feet.

“Guys, you should calm down. You don’t want our parents coming up to ask us what we’re discussing. You can’t easily lie to dad” Owen interfered.

“Well, I don’t care if you go or not. All I know is that I’m going back to see Val, even if I stop schooling there I’ll continue seeing her. It will be impossible for me not to see her everyday ok?” Ethan half yelled again before storming out from Owen’s room.

“He is nut!” Ethan heard Ryan saying outside the door.



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