Chapter 27

📌(Love doesn’t exit for them)📌

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Written and Owned by; Blessing D writes.
(Love spell)

Writer’s POV
Ethan returned with the drink, this time around the glass cup was filled up to the brim. Valerie collected and started sipping from it slowly.

A little quantity dropped on the book, she immediately dropped the cup, she started cleaning the book with her dress.

“Calm down, calm down. Your book isn’t ruined” Clarice calmed her down gently collecting the book and dropping it by her side.

“Just finish with your drink, it’s getting late. Where do you live?” Clarice asked.

Valerie looked at Ethan not knowing what to reply.

“ she lives nearby, around the neighborhood” Ethan replied.

“Oh,so who is she leaving with?” Clarice asked.

“She is leaving with her Aunt” Ethan answered making Owen snicker from where he stood watching the whole drama.

Ethan rolled his eyes at Owen, giving him that warning look.

“Ok cool, hope her aunt is treating her well. Does she go to school too?” Clarice asked further.

“Mom, she schools. Let’s go Val, come on” Ethan beckoned on Valeria.

“But, I haven’t finished this, I can’t leave until I finish this” Valerie refused.

Ethan doesn’t want Clarice to keep asking questions, he doesn’t wanna keep lying to his mom.

“Valerie! Please, it’s getting late. I aren’t gonna escort you” Ethan gave her an eye.

“I can escort myself if you don’t” Valerie replied still sipping from her drink.

“Seriously?” Ethan asked with gritted teeth.

“Come on Val, listen to your boyfriend. It’s getting late, you can always come over for a drink” Clarice helped out.

“Ok” Valerie nodded then finished up the content of the cup. She handed the cup back to Ethan and Ethan in turn squeezed it into Owen’s hand.

“Shuhh..don’t protest, just go keep it” Ethan cut whatever Owen wanted to say off.

He took Valerie by the hand and started pulling her outside. Valerie didn’t forget to also grab the old testament spell book with her.

When they got outside Ethan turned to her.

“Will you keep acting this way? Don’t you understand a simple sign? Aren’t you in a haste to leave?” Ethan asked.

“Well, you asked me to stay. Bye” Valerie waved then disappeared before Ethan could say any other word.

It freaked Ethan out for a while, he stood outside for a long time before going back in.

“Is she gone?” Clarice asked.

“Yes, I escorted her home” Ethan answered.

“She seems like a lovely girl tho. Are you taking advantage of her Ethan? Are you playing her?” Clarice asked walking towards him.

“Of course not, mom. It’s not possible to play her, it’s not possible” he answered waving his hands in the air.

“Better, now come tell me about your new school” Clarice requested going to take a sit.

Ethan sighed because he knows that it’s another set of lies that he is going to have to tell her.

Valerie appeared in front of the boundary. Her hand tightened over the book before she stepped into the school.

Immediately she stepped in, she disappear from there and then appear in front of her friends.

“Valerie!!” The three of them called standing up on their feet.

“We have been waiting for you” Cecilia added walking towards her.

“Guys” Valerie responded forming a sad face.

“Hope am not gonna get killed and the book taken away from me?” She asked worriedly staring down at the book.

“You won’t get killed. Where did you make the principal disappear to? Where did you take her to?” Thea asked.

“I don’t know, it just happened out of nowhere” Valerie replied walking to take a sit on her bed.

“Oh no! You have to bring her back fast, she might disappear from earth forever if you don’t bring her back now” Melissa said worriedly.

“I know, but I’ve never done this before. I’ve never felt this powerful before, I don’t know how to bring her back” Valerie answered truthfully.

Cecilia bent down to her, to look at the book.

“The answer is in that book, the reverse spell. You’ll have to find it” Cecilia said.

Valerie nodded sighing.

“But do you know why the book returned back to you? Do you know why?” Thea asked.

Valerie shook her head negativity.

“Why were you also also acting strangly towards that human?” Melissa asked.

Valerie lifted her eyes to meet with that of Melissa.

“Have you ever fallen in love before?” She asked.

The question stunned them all.

“Why? Why do you ask?” Melissa stuttered a bit.

“Are you saying you are in love with that human?” Thea was quick to ask.

Valerie blushed then nodded her head dreamily.

“He is so handsome and so sweet. I let him have my body today too” Valerie replied.

“What??” The three of them shrieked.

“You let him use you?” Cecilia asked.

“He finally used you” Thea said.

“No, he didn’t use me. We love each other” Valerie stood up on her feet shrieking back at them.

“Of course you do. It’s as a result of the spell you must have probably unleashed from the book” they all heard their principal’s voice at the door.

The four of them snapped their heads towards the door.

“You might have unlocked one out of these two love spells.”

“One is unlocked when two individuals love each other but they pretend they don’t.”

“The other that might have been unlocked happens when two individuals doesn’t love each other at all, the book just makes them fall in love with themselves.”

“I think it’s the latter in your case Valerie” the principal explained walking towards them slowly.



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