Chapter 14

(Love doesn’t exit for them)

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Written and owned by: Blessing D writes
(Hot girls)

Writer’s POV
Owen and Scott got into the special class made for them.

Owen dropped his bag wondering where Ryan went off to.

“What are we gonna be having this morning and what time are we gonna be starting?” Owen asked Scott.

“Huh, I don’t even know that” Scott answered him.

“Well help us get our time table then, go on” Owen beckoned on him.

Although there was no timetable set for them, Scott had to leave to the principal’s office to still ask.

Immediately he went out, Owen made to sit down but the door to the class started opening.

Thinking it was his brothers, he took his eyes to the door to see a female student coming in with a mischievous smile on her face.

The girl closed the door and then locked it, she started walking up to Owen. Owen kept staring at her wondering why she was behaving weird.

She got to him and stopped.

“Okay, who are you?” Owen asked but the reply he got surprised him.

The girl jumped to his height and kissed him, a quick kiss on the lips.

“Calm down” he hushed moving away from her and at the same time touching his lips.

The girl didn’t seem to understand him or she chooses not to understand him.

“Calm down girl, stop there. Look I aren’t ready to have kids now so if anything at all is to happen I’ll have to get myself ready and that includes using a condom. We can’t even do it here for f**k sake so you should stop! Just stop!!” He half yelled in the last part because the girl kept following him.

He was already close to the door but couldn’t unlock it because he doesn’t wanna turn away from the girl, she might do something crazy if he turns to open the door so he had to keep his eyes on her.

“Stop okay” his voice came out calmly this time.

“I want you” she said for the first time fiddling with her nails.

“I know, and you’re quite beautiful but I’m sorry this is not the right time, right location and…”

“Am I really beautiful?” The girl cut him in asking.

“Yes, you are” Owen replied and truly she was one hell of a chubby cheeky girl with a pair of cat eyes, round plush lips, small nose and dimples.

The girl smiled very well.

“Okay when?” She asked.

“We can discuss that during lunch. Isn’t class supposed to have started?” He asked himself.

“Okay. My name is Mia” the girl introduced.

Owen blinked his eyes recalling the Mia at their formal school. The girl was also really pretty but he never had a chance with her.

“Owen” owen also introduced trying to bring his hand out for a handshake but mia grabbed his hand and kissed him on his cheeks this time.

She smiled at him after kissing him on his cheeks.

“You should go” Owen pointed behind him and she nodded.

Owen let his guard down shifting away from the door for her but was surprised or should I say shocked when she jumped on him and wrapped both hands around his neck and resumed kissing him on his lips. It all happened so fast.

She held him tightly. Its just a pity that their powers couldn’t affect them else, she could have long pinned him to the wall.

“You’re chocking me Mia” Owen said in between the kiss as he tried bringing her down from his body. He only got saved when the door opened and Scott entered.

Mia jumped down from his body.

“Please don’t tell on me” she said to Scott and didn’t even wait for him to reply before she ran out.

Owen placed his hands on his chest panting. The girl weight was almost killing him.

Scott looked at the door and then to Owen.

“Thanks for coming man, that girl is crazy” Owen said going to sit down.

“How did you open the door by the way? I remember she locked it from the inside” Owen asked.

Scott just kept staring at Owen without replying.

“Hey! Snap out of it” Owen snapped his fingers at Scott face, snapping him out of whatever he was thinking.

“Wow, you look so handsome” Scott’s eyes widened and he started moving closer to him.

“Hey, I’m not gay. If you touch me I’m gonna beat you up. Where are the damn timetable?” Owen hushed at him.

“They are with me. They made one, I don’t know what a gay is but I won’t like you beating me up” Scott frowned at him.

“Just give me the damn timetable” Owen demanded, his hand stretched out.

Scott handed it over to him and he took it.

“I wonder what the females see in you guys tho, we are also here and I like Mia a lot. Why is she with you instead?” Scott frowned again sitting down.

The girl with Ethan unbuttoned his upper shirt dress and slid her hand into his bare body.

She then placed her ear to hear his heart beat. Ethan was kind of surprised at the girl’s strange behaviour.

“It’s beautiful, your heart” she said.

“Yeah I know” Ethan replied her.

“How should we do it? What way? What style?” She asked him with a wink.

“Time is far spent, it’s been more than 10 minutes. I just remembered that I aren’t with any pack of condom and I cant risk getting someone pregnant. No never! My dad will have my head for dinner.”

“Let’s reschedule everything, tomorrow I’m gonna be fully ready for you” Ethan cooed and then slightly kissed her beside her mouth.

She giggled really excited.

She kissed him back on his lips, Ethan took over the kiss but not for long.

The door bursted open with Valeria coming in.

The girl looked scared seeing her, she ran out through the door immediately leaving Ethan with Valeria.

Ethan chuckled on seeing her, he bite his lower lips turning fully to face her with his shirt still unbuttoned.

“What? You came to beg me?” Ethan asked her with so much pride and happiness. Happiness that he might be riding her real soon and he doesn’t mind doing it raw with her.



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